First Age - Dragon Years


The Dragon Years

After the dragons seals the rip in the fabric of the universe with their souls, there was a period of surviving as all the animals and plants dumped on the world settled. Civilization was re-kindled by Jandari (the first elvin king) and Karrac ( the First, i.e. dragon king). Dragons gave magic to the races of the world, and nurtured their relationships with people.

But - not one likes to be grateful for too long, and the dragon reign was destroyed - thus ending the first age.

The first age was 10,456 years long

   The skyscar drops people down on the world - oddly, it might have been worshiped as a god by early people?

   Jandari and Karrac united the people into one place - Eldland

   The people then moved and fell into places that fit their natures - farming, hunting, gathering.  The animals and monsters dispersed.  The intelligent monsters raided, and found strongholds or were driven into wild places.

   No matter their old cultures, no matter their old standard of living - the people had to start over - so they fell into a kind of Dark Ages.

   The first city - City of New Hope - an elvin city, with Dragons being apart of it.  The city had many races in it, but as time went on - the elves came to control most of the high positions (as they live forever), and the short lived races realized that they could never 'be king' - and the land was wide and wonderful - so they moved and established places of their own.   Trade with the elves was generally welcome - as the elves were more established and had magic - but jealousy and suspicions broke out and the elves retreated into their wood.  They made the wood magically confusing, and thus travelers get lost - but the elves could continue to maintain trade and interaction on their terms.  The trouble is - their own terms are slow and perhaps judgmental - so they they were perceived as withdrawing with all their wealth, civilization, treasures, etc.

   The dragon kingdom (aging), was estranged - and busy with it's own court/family.  They moved out - for room to fly, and for room to collect their own treasures and keep them safe from prying eyes....

   There was an early age of exploration - where some ships were made, and went off to explore the other places of the world.  Explorations, new farmlands/kingdoms, discovery new plants, animals, monsters and treasure.  TivaleraFarallonXinji and Tri discovered

   The idea that the dragons, great turtles, and phoenix would be able to help guide the people's to other places. 

   What kingdom?  Ship Builders?

   The SeaSon closed the oceans and put forgetfulness on the world. 

   Something certainly must have happened to the ship builder cities - and the world's economy would turn somehow.

   Karrac killed.  9,547 Karrac killed by humans, Zarrin becomes First

10,000     Jandari leaves the clanfather duties and roams

10,456     The betrayal of Dragons

   Tivalera, - settaled,

   Farallon, - discovered, civilization began

   Xinji - discovered, and there are legends of people here.  very spotty