Exploration routes

The red dots on the contients are the wave of discovery.

The solid red lines through the water are the routes when the Ocean's were open.  The dotted lines are routes after the Ocean was closed (It is important to note that close to landmass sailing was okay with the SeaSon - so once they get to Mal'Covia; Alderly, Jira and United Isle are not necessarily that hard.)

The red number on the continents is the length of recorded history.


The Eldland was first gathered together by Jandari and Karrac as the best place to settle

SECOND WAVE  (First Age of Eldland)

Tivalera was the second landmass to be discovered.



THIRD WAVE (Second Age of Eldland)

The Tri was found, but not populated by people, just animals

Mal'covia was found by the people of Farallon who must have been excellent ship builders.

Alderly was a step up the Spine - but only early settlements

FOURTH WAVE (Third Age of Eldland)


Jira - people coming across from Alderly

Wenlock was discovered - some people settled there, but no records were kept

United Isle - the right isle was discovered by Early Jirans, but the left isle was found by air from Tivalera.

THE FIFTH WAVE (Sixth Age of Eldland - after the Opening of the Ocean)

Islands of the Lightning Sea - this place has people, but recorded history is oral and timeline is un-substantiated - especially since the count of days underwater is difficult.


Dula Nova




Scoti Moria



a lot of this stuff can follow the ocean currents