A Rare slave bred race - a cross between dragons and humans. They do not like their voices which are scratchy and overly deep and tend not to talk aloud. The race escaped into their freedom long ago, but keep a low profile.

They have a two thumbed hand with a thumb on either side of the palm. This helped then develop an elaborate sign language that is unique to their race (as no one else has two thumbs). Their tools and weapons have handles more like shovel tops. They tend to prefer their own made gear rather than adopt to human standard handles – thus making much of their gear exotic or expensive. Their extra digit either makes them great spellcasters or poor spellcasters.

There are two kinda of Krish, a winged variety and a fire breathing variety.

They live in cave complexes called 'wheels'.

Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, an elaborate sign language.

The Krish, when they are hatched, have what is known as wings or throat – so they can either fly or have dragon breath.

01-80 Small flight ability, but not in enclosed spaces.

81-00 Small weapon breath – d6 3 times a day.

Feats -  Okay, I am not sure about this - so if you think you want one - TALK TO THE GM

Armor of Scales 

1) hatchling +2 natural armor - does not stack past AC 20

2) Adult +4 natural armor

Aura - gain that certain something, a presence that says dragon

Dragonsighted - can automatically tell if someone has a dragon lineage, dragons in human form, etc.


1) small

2) like normal winged creature

3) extended flight

Lineage firebreath - a spell slot must be sacrificed (and thus, you need a magic wielding chr)

             firebreath weapon - HD in d6 damage

# times/day = the spell slot level that is sacrificed

Dragonsleep - extra light guarded sleep.  Like a dragon sleeping on his hoard