Halouakanowa - “The Colored Isle”

An island directly on the equator, and has a great tropical climate. The flora of this place is amazing and unique, bright colors and odd shapes. Even the people here have been changed by the islands chemistry, they have Siamese like coloring on their faces, hands and feet.

These are possibly the friendliest people on the world. They love a good party and look for the slightest reason to have one. They have a plentiful food supply (for them), and are perfectly willing to share. They love music. They are always looking to expand their gene pool as well. They have their own language, but they are willing to teach you theirs.

The downside of island life is that much of the food and animals are poisonous to anyone but the natives. Also, the flora and fauna is unknown and proves to be dangerous. The flora is hard to grow in other places, and the animals will not survive well without their natural foods.

The natives have a tribal system, and there are probably three tribes living on the isle.


The Dancer

The Feaster



The Legendary 'White Points', a bulette-like creature that is said to live either in the land, water or spirit. It is feared by the natives.

Greater Places:

The whole island is a floral amazement


Chief Hakoniolu


('firelizard' brightly colored)