Co has a golden voice!  Amazing.

In his youth, his voice carried him all the way to the Black Zintriny castle - as a great bard.  Unfortunately, he dallied with a gentleman who's father took greater offense and swore to kill Co.  [[Gurth walked into the middle of Co being beaten to death and Co gave himself to Gurth as slave if the mage would save him.  Co belonged to Gurth for over five thousand years and slowly fell in love with the man.

Gurth wouldn't let Co just skate on his voice alone, and pushed the man into the Houseman role - which Co also excelled at (it's probably a math thing).

When Gurth was killed when the Ancestor Within got loose, Co was devastated!  He took up care of Bone and Coi and set about getting his Master raised.  Once Raised from the Dead - Co offered himself to be Gurth's slave again.  Gurth married him instead.

Co is married to Gurth and Coi.

Co is one of the best singers in the world.

His soul name is Corin (Pronounced Cor-in.  Gurth left him part of his soul's name hidden in a brilliant move to both expose and leave him his privacy).  His soul's name is known to Gurth, Coi and maybe Ghost