Coi is a Black Zintriny, and not really very old.

She was born horribly scarred, and while loved by her family, was generally socially ostracized.  She spent her youth cultivating her mind, and trying to prove her worth by publishing intelligent papers on various subjects.

Passed over by most suiters, she was just of age when Gurth sent Burn to ask for her hand in marriage.

Overwhelmed, but happy to have some option, she married Gurth and moved into his household.  Their first marriage contract stipulated that she give him two children.  They had their first child, Bone, and then the Ancestor within got loose, Gurth was killed, and ultimately resurrected to fix the problem.  They re-married, and they had (either Ying or Yang).

She is often overwhelmed by her sudden station, position, happiness.  She tends to stay quite - as she would rather not loose what she has.

She is also married to Co and often feels that she can relate better to him than to Gurth.

Her soul name is Bekkin - known to her husband and her parents