Black Zintriny

The Black Zintriny (Ultra Rare)

To be a black Zintriny, you need to talk to the GM

Part of the Zintriny clan, these elves have a demon intertwined in their souls – hence they are ebon black. They have a sort of monarchy that goes from 7th daughter to seventh daughter, but still lays loosely under the surface elven monarchy. The true names of the Black Zintinry are kept secret and they take outward names – like Ghost, Death, Blasphemy, etc. They tend toward violence, a better-than-you attitude and show no weakness.

They tend to be fighters and clerics - although thieves and more rarely - mages are known.

Elves are pretty, and the character must have a Charisma score over 12.

Like all elves:

Elves are able to use magic without the metal interfering with the mana flow. They can use magic and wear metal at the same time. No armor class restrictions!

Elves can detect a secret door just by walking past it - the player does not have to mention it. If actively searching, they have a 2 in six chance.

There are a few things that are a little different:

Vision: dark vision – they can have trouble in sunlight.

Languages: Dark Elven, A Universal sign language, A family sign language (unique to each household), some Elven (broken), broken common.

They do not have bow skills, mostly because they don't use a lot of sight to train with a ranged distance weapon as a race.

They have heightened senses of hearing and smell.

+2 to hit when fighting in the absolute dark.

At First level, they start with the Dodge Feat

The demon is a present part of the Black Zintriny's life. The GM has opportunities to insert the demon's point of view into the character. There's a lot of story history here, you should understand what you are getting into when you play a Black Zintriny.