Also called Halflings by various books. Curly haired, hairy feet, Tolkien Hobbits. Sturdy folk who have a great common sense and the ability to stick to it through and through. Three feet tall. They love to eat and relax.

Hobbits live to about 100 and come of age at 30.

Hobbits have last names: Berryleaf, Baggins, Took, Proudfoot, Banks, Brandybuck, Bolger, Boffin, Goldworthy, Cotton

Must have a Constitution better than 12.

Vision: normal

Languages: Common

Second Chance – enemy must roll attack again and use the second number (even if it's lower). Once a day.

They have hearty feet, tending to go barefoot everywhere but in the darkest dungeon.

They make great thieves, gaining several bonus