On DarkFawn, elves, being immortal, have large extended family clans. They are nature loving; live in trees and care for animals. They founded civilization, and keep long histories. Their main city is Callenmir, although there are others.

There are a number of elven kingdoms around the world – The Eldland (being the oldest and main one), a small dying one on Xinji, Tiverlera, a new one on Jira, a few mixedblood types one on Kinkenadon, the Black Zintriny in the unlit lands.

While elves do not have last names - they have strong clan affiliations. Using a Clan as a last name is acceptable.

Elves are immortal and come of age at 200

Elves are pretty, and the character must have a Charisma score over 12.

Vision: low light (infravision)

Languages: Elven, Common

Most elves are trained in the bow as part of their up-bringing. It comes naturally to them. This does not mean that you must equip your character will a bow and arrows. Careful about shooting a bow in close combat (which is generally always in my game).

Elves are able to use magic without the metal interfering with the mana flow. They can use magic and wear metal at the same time. No armor class restrictions!

Elves can detect a secret door just by walking past it - the player does not have to mention it. If actively searching, they have a 2 in six chance.

As an elvin character from the Eldland - you will have a clan you belong to. It is possible for you to leave your family and begin your own clan.

1-94 Normal clans

1 Other – there are a number of 'normal' families, feel free to make up some of your own details. Smaller family groups.

2 Starlight – Rather than take the name of one of it's founders, they took an expressive name.

3 Tamein – a wandering, exploring family. Often widespread.

4 Nissanil – Homebodies. Dislike the mortality of others races

5 Tunjany – A rather rich clan +d100 extra cash at first level

6 Rojas – Often caught in the long term, the big picture.

7 Timelost– this is the catch all clan of lost, forgotten or made elves. While patchwork, they do have members born and bred to the clan. They are loyal 'mutts' once proven.

8 Erindir – an artisan clan, fairly young. Crafty - figure that your character can know a couple of crafting skills.

95-99 High Elven families

High Elven families are older clans, often more extensive groups with large clantrees. All of these families teach the high tongue to their kids (which is generally only spoken in formal situations like court).

1 Byranna - One of the elder clans, around from the first age. Often noted for their beautiful and graceful people.

2 Avortite – this family is not one of the great elder families, but have wielded such honor and influence that they are considered one of the High Elven Families.

3 Allentrex – this clan has a strong resemblance to each other, around the ears. One of the old families.

4 Zintriny – considered the 'evil' elven clan, rather proud of being scoundrels. They have the Zintriny Pledge of loyalty (kneeling and kissing the back of the hand). There is also the Black Zintinry – which is the demon intertwined elven family (See GM if you want to go this way. Info below).

5 Dariss – the magical knowledgeable family. Also, their ClanMother is the oldest lady elf in the world – from the first Age.

6 Croninger – the growers of the elven race, and that's saying something!

7 Eladrin – this clan is fey touched or fey loved. This can mean that they don't make a lot of sense to most people.

8 Other

* let’s talk

00 Royal – Jandari

A small family, but beloved. Considered the definition of being elvin.

Elves from Tivalera, Xinji or Jira have clans, but a lot less is established. On Tivalera there are Zintriny elves (who are gray and live in the shadows of Greater Lacewood) and Jandari elves (a name granted to their great heroes).