The Dwarvin race is rare these days. Almost a dying race. They are mechanical, logical minded people. Often loyal people, who enjoy drinking and a good party. They might have a dwarvin kingdom they come from, but they tend not to talk about - most dwarves are from regular human towns (Candet, Big Current, Thark). They tend to be monarchy’s.

Most of the race enjoys crafting in some manner or another – forging, beer brewing, jeweler, and the like. Most characters have been exposed to some craft or another.

Dwarves live to be about 300 years old and come of age at about 30.

Dwarves have last names - Ironheart, Longbeard, Stoutbane, Beyrlfist, Axeblood.

Vision: low light (infravision)

Languages: Common, Dwarven

Cast-Iron Stomach - can eat most any food without getting sick.

Special stat - +d2 hit points every time they level – as they are tough.

+5 racial bonus to saving throws against poison.