A race of bird people; penguins to blue jays, hawks to flamingos. Their society is a religious hierarchy - they have a great respect for religious things. A rare race, they live in a city called Chika on the Eldland.

Avines live to be about 60 and come of age at 15.

Dex must be less than 17, as their hands are also part of their wings.

Vision: normal

Languages: Common, a twittering language.

Many avines can fly, but it’s hard in adventuring situations. I like to think of it as small flight - not a graceful soaring and powerful command of the wind. Avines can not fly if they are wearing metal armor, or have a shield in hand. If they chose to have their small flight, their armor can be up to a studded leather vest (leather and shield score AC 13) - but this must be made, or bought through role playing.