For a starting character, there's a chance that you might inherit something from your family. That doesn't necessarily mean that someone has died, only that something has come to you. You don't have to use this table – it's just here to add some ideas to the background of your character.

First, we must determine the place in the family that your character has. Firstborn children have greater meaning to many families.

1) First Born + 50%

2) Second Born

3) Second Born

4) Third Born

5) Third Born

6) Last Born – d6+2 kids

7) Last Born – d12+2 kids

8) Bastard Child -5%

Now, we need to figure if your parents are still alive. If they have died recently (thus starting you on the adventuring road) - you have a better chance of inheriting stuff.

5% - both parents are dead +50%

10% - one parent is gone +20%

Here it is, the actual inheritance chart:

01-49 Nothing but good wishes

50-79 Childhood Knack +D4

80-86 Extra gold 3d100

87-94 Non-Adventuring Magic item

95-00 Adventuring Magic Item

All Items must be given out by the GM. Do NOT just pick one out. You are allowed to beg your family for just the right sort of thing though...

Non-Adventuring items include things like: slippers of warmth, earring of prettiness, everlasting deodorant, musical re-play box, dancing snow globe and the like. It is interesting to note, that in the right circumstances – even non-adventuring items can be way useful. A lot of times, trading the magic item for something useful can happen.

Adventuring Items include things that are way useful in a life of daring-do. +1 Swords, Amulet of armor class, blessed holy symbol, magic missile wand, healing salves.