Alignment - evil

Symbol - a dark cloud. A tattoo of your fear on the collarbone.

Creation Story - Originally the Goddess of Dreams was born out of Fire. The Elements argued over who would best reflect Dreams, and they fought. The Goddess was torn into two beings; Dreams and Nightmares. Generally appears as a beautiful woman with elaborate make-up around her eyes.

How do you worship? (Offerings, Prayers) - chanting

Ultimate Reward/Heaven - The ways toward the Great Beyond often lie through a Nightmarish path, but no clear ‘ultimate reward’ is clear. Their heaven is often a release from fear, a knowing the depths of your soul.

Communicate with worshipers - In Nightmares, naturally - more of a visual language

Cleric Training (Quests, pilgrimage) - To become a cleric of Nightmares, there is usually a hypnotic ceremony, which causes the person to fall into a nightmare filled sleep that lasts for days. Upon waking, these nightmares are recorded and are interpreted. There are times that the sleeper does not awaken. There are times the petitioner is touched by Nightmares without the ceremonial inducement.

Sins and Atonement - while sins are not detailed, atonement often comes with ‘fevered’ dreams.

Relics - Nightmare needles, the Cape of Nightmares.

The Word/Religious Tracks - There are a number of books that deal with dream interpretation.

Foods/Liquids/Numbers/Things associated - DarkFruit, a deep red but patterned pear-like fruit that induces nightmares. Nightmare horses.

Portfolio of Aspects - mind,

Temples - Buildings vary. There are sleeper rooms for known temple members on a personal quests.

Altar - vary

Temple’s goals - to enable fear, so that people will face their personal nightmares and enable growth.

Celebrations and Rites - In some places, they celebrate the tearing of the goddess, with a bloody rite that tears a sacrifice in half. The Sleepless Nights - where the church tries not to sleep for a few days in hopes for a powerful gifting at the end of it.

Angels/demons/heralds/oracles, celestial and related beings - Nightmares are a plenty, and have many faces. They are hard to recognize as individuals as they tend to take a form more terrifying to the person they are sent for.

Profits, Saints, Sinners of note (alive or dead) - Dark Becket, who could spread Nightmares with a touch

Clerical Titles - Pastor

Other Stories of the religion - Often in conflict with the Dreams goddess.