Alignment - neutral to evil

Symbol - something held in a locket or ‘medicine bag’. Personal.

Creation Story - Vaid was a demon creature in the great mix of chaos and evil as the world was being made. He overheard the secrets of Godhood being whispered to by the Element of Fire to the Goddess of Dreams. Acting upon the secret knowledge, he took power unto himself and became the God of Secrets. Appears as a centaurian man of long black hair, red eyes and sometimes horns.

How do you worship? (Offerings, Prayers) - The learning and sharing of little known facts is worship. The temple ceremony involves a maze-like structure, with many places to whisper or hear secrets.

Ultimate Reward/Heaven - At death, there is a weighing of the soul - those deemed worthy are given the secrets of the universe, the afterlife, everything. There are littler secrets that are passed, that give souls a chance to journey and learn in the afterlife, so there is a purgatory like time.

Communicate with worshipers - whisper chambers - a spherical chamber that someone enters and goes into a meditative state. If peaceful receptive meditation is reached, the worshiper will be levitated to the center of the chamber. In the stillness, ‘imaginary’ whispers begin to be heard. Questions and answers come in the this state.

Cleric Training (Quests, pilgrimage) - greater members of the faith are often students. In some cases, some greater truth of life becomes clear to them, but they can not speak it easily.

Sins and Atonement - Secrets are meant to be shared, but only with the right people and at the right time. Failure to realize the correct Time to reveal some knowledge. Hoarding knowledge.

Relics - black glowing ‘wisps’ that are themselves a Secret.

The Word/Religious Tracks - the Book of Secrets, or The Secret.

Foods/Liquids/Numbers/Things associated -

Portfolio of Aspects - knowledge,

Temples - The temple has a series of hooded cloaks near the doors for people who wish to be hidden. Usually not a marked building, although the locals certainly know what it is. Sometimes there is no real building, but an individual in town who fits the confession taker/manipulator role.

Altar - Usually a thick slab of something with secret compartments in it.

Temple’s goals - information gathering, manipulation of the populace through this information

Celebrations and Rites - The blessing of your own holy symbol. There is a seasonal celebration marked with special food, and songs - to remember and list various secrets made known during that time of year. At high Days, there is a celebration of inner knowledge - to clarify and identify personal knowledge.

Angels/demons/heralds/oracles, celestial and related beings - there are a greater number of demons and hellspawn like celestial beings that are associated with Secrets.

Profits, Saints, Sinners of note (alive or dead) - Paladin Baltin, Mayhemanti’s Mother Karriac

Clerical Titles - Keepers

Other Stories of the religion - Profits are put in the Secret’s sphere