Mal’Covia - “Lower Spine of the World”

The great mountain range that forms the spine carries down to form a second landmass on the equator. Most of the region is sandy desert dunes, but there is a dry grassland that makes the transition into the ocean.

In the deepest part of the desert, there is a race of stone people. As children, they tend to be the color of the sand. During their formative years, they begin to take on color that marks their career in life. Black is the color of mages. These people speak a main branch of language, but each larger group of nomads has it’s own dialect.

Their governmental system tend to run towards Overlords who war between each other over the food supplies and best places to live. Some of the Overlords are kindly disposed to their people, most are not. The people tend to be nomadic, staying in general areas, but moving.

There is magic that the stone people hold. They have a joined community of mages, which do share knowledge (guardedly). While not as advanced as the Eldland knowledge, they have many more exotic spells that deal with their climate and culture. There is interest in linking up with the Eldland mages, more for teaching techniques and curiosity. The masters wear a knot that is surrounded by a carved disk. Their knots are metalic in color (Gold, Silver, Copper, Tarnished Copper, Dark Iron), and being a controled people – they limit their Masters to 5.


A Circle of Life sort of Religion


The Great Red Rock-Eater

Greater Places:

The Greater Desert


Overlord Da’Keem


Master Ch’tahn (Gold)

Master A’moke (Tarnished Copper)