Gate Keepers

Gate Keepers

Alignment - Lawful Good

Symbol - an arch or gateway

Creation Story - The gods have walked along the power paths of the world, leaving information at certain places and gateways to other information. There are many different stages that a soul must journey through on the way to reach the gods, knowledge is the key.

How do you worship? (Offerings, Prayers) - lessons, coming to temple, Tharkians believe that often putting yourself in stressful situations (read adventures) will advance your learning curve. Publishing books.

Ultimate Reward/Heaven - becoming one with the universe, a cosmic being yourself.

Communicate with worshipers - sometimes there is direct communication. Generally, there is a spirit writing. Trevis is the name of one being at the god level.

Cleric Training (Quests, pilgrimage) - a quest of knowing, yourself and powers

Sins and Atonement - leading others astray, killing the memory, mind, learning mechanism.

Relics - a series of gateways that lead to other environments to stir understanding.

The Word/Religious Tracks - Gate Ways

Foods/Liquids/Numbers/Things associated - there are 11 GateKeeper Gods defined, there are suppose to be 11 steps to the universe.

Portfolio of Aspects - knowledge, good

Temples - The main temple in Phantom Ring has a gateway. The architecture style is filled with archways.

Altar - keystone

Temple’s goals - provide learning, bring people to enlightenment.

Celebrations and Rites - The 11 gates of being - an elaborate 11 party filled with different foods.

Angels/demons/heralds/oracles, celestial and related beings - T’buik, the Devourer, destroyer of minds - a changing thing that eats the gates you have achieved and sets you back along the path (it is said that his path is through stealing the labors of others).

Profits, Saints, Sinners of note (alive or dead) - generally, everyone has a story of some master cleric they knew/studied with who is stepping on the pathway to greater places.

Clerical Titles - Rabi

Other Stories of the religion - interestingly, the material plane is only one stage a soul goes through - it is not the first. There are reported to be a few levels of refinement that the material plane provides. The first material plane stage seems to be animal, then ‘human’, then ‘greater human’ - before the soul goes through a gateway to greater refinement. It is possible to slip back down these levels if learning is lost.