Elements - Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ice

Alignment - differs

Symbol - Earth: a down pointed triangle with a line through it, Air: an up pointed triangle with a line through it, Water: a down pointed triangle, Fire: an up pointed arrow, Ice: a down pointed triangle divided in half..

Creation Story Out of chaos and nothing came the Earth Mother and the Sky Father. Their first union brought forth their daughter the Water. Their second union birthed the twins, Fire and Ice. They lived as a family. Water was a creative sort, and made her ideas into fish. When she showed these creatures to her family, her mother was thrilled, and began to make her ideas into animals. Air shared his creations with his wife - making things that took wing, but also needed the ground to roost. Fire and Ice loved the creations, but it took them much to make their own. Earth appears a natural ‘earthy’ lady. Air appears as white haired statesman type, robed in flowing white robes. Water appears as a gill-ed woman with water for hair. Fire appears as a red headed man, and sometimes the hair is really fire - he has dark smokey eyes that smolder. Ice appears as a chisel featured man, blonde with white blue eyes.

How do you worship? (Offerings, Prayers) - prayers are generally said with a hand over the element.

Ultimate Reward/Heaven - A heavenly realm, filled with the element that most excepts you.

Communicate with worshipers - faces in the element, whispers or other symbols often born by an element or surrounded by an element.

Cleric Training (Quests, pilgrimage) - Upon confirmation of the cleric, their blood must be given to the element/s of their choice.

Sins and Atonement - There can be bickering amongst the family of elements, and sometimes there is jealously of gifts given to one Element and not to another.

Relics - Flame Sword, Ice Whip, Water’s Bowl

The Word/Religious Tracks - The Tabin, the tome of the Elements

Foods/Liquids/Numbers/Things associated - Spicy food is said to be blessed of Fire.

Portfolio of Aspects - Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Cold, Good,

Temples - The buildings are built in pentagon shape, or with 5 sided pillars and accents. Most temples have all 5 represented - though there is usually a shifted balance of worshipers and strengths.

Altar - Are often huge bowls/chests that are filled with the element.

Temple’s goals - A celebration of the things manifested around them. Definition of things encountered into elemental components.

Celebrations and Rites - Coming of Age; where the youth’s Elements (emotions and physical traits) are read and recorded. The High Days; invented by the whole family to come together despite arguments. The Year of Elements; 2months each Water/Earth/Fire/Air/Cold

Angels/demons/heralds/oracles, celestial and related beings - there are many beings associated with each Element. They are most famous, and are obviously Greater Elementals or Angel Elements

Profits, Saints, Sinners of note (alive or dead) -

Clerical Titles - Son of, or Daughter of

Other Stories of the religion - The Goddess of Dreams was made by Fire, and torn into Dreams and Nightmares by the tug of war between the Air and Fire.

It is also believed that the Elements are also Forces of Nature - manifested into Godhood.