Adventure (Swabash)

Alignment - any

Symbol - Crossed swords, usually in the shape of an ‘S’

Creation Story - Sprung out, chin first, in some of the first moments of creation - as it is the big adventure. Generally took form when mortal man came into their own. Takes the form of a large chined blonde man, muscular and dressed in adventuring clothes.

How do you worship? (Offerings, Prayers) - Worship ceremonies are like big story telling parties. Members of the congregation are invited to come up and tell their adventuring story. After a number of tales recounted, the priest ties the stories together with some theme. There is actually an open bar at many worship ceremonies. Worship is actually going on adventures, and retelling the tales.

Ultimate Reward/Heaven - Heaven holds the ultimate adventure.

Communicate with worshipers - very direct. Swabash loves to interact with mortals (Divine Intervention on 95 or better).

Cleric Training (Quests, pilgrimage) - There must be an adventure, or course.

Sins and Atonement - turning away the chance to adventure.

Relics - Swabash Sabers (There is more than one of them, usually handed to heros by the God himself)

The Word/Religious Tracks - There are many accounts of adventures that fall into this category. There are also a number of books that are aimed at the clerics to teach them the lessons to be passed on to adventurers. Generally, these have ‘Swabash’ in the title somewhere.

Foods/Liquids/Numbers/Things associated - Popcorn. Tea.

Portfolio of Aspects - bravery, good

Temples - Smaller towns often have a tavern night that serves as worship.

Altar - The alter is made from weapons given by the congregation and fashioned by a local artisan. These weapons can be anything from swords to the pen.

Temple’s goals - help the community to be adventurous.

Celebrations and Rites - a rite of first adventure, celebrated after the adventure. A celebration of the different ages. A celebration for Shatterday. Chin day

Angels/demons/heralds/oracles, celestial and related beings - Swabash loves to come himself, although there have been sightings of angels.

Profits, Saints, Sinners of note (alive or dead) - Thyamin is a Paladin of Swabash

Clerical Titles - Father or Mother. There is also the Draughtman, who oversees the bar.

Other Stories of the religion -