United Isle

United Isles

A techno community of strictly humans. The main part of the population is fairly sheeplike and unimaginative. They prefer to work their jobs, come home to a beer, barbeque and the precious TV. They have a slightly cast type society where your qualities are tested at a young age, then you are trained for your area: government, armed forces, workforce or entertainment.

They have no knowledge of magic at all, and are easily impressed by it. The government doesn’t trust it, but have instigated a number of TV shows to show it in a positive light. The government fully intends to research it and mayhap control it.

They have two main Islands that use to hold warring factors in the past, but a long time ago they came together to form the current government.

No one is quite certain where the people here came from, not why they managed to develop such an advanced technological state on a world where magic is the norm. They are aware of their unique viewpoint, and hope to use it to advantage. The people here speak common, although some of their names and techy terms leave a Eldlander wondering.

The religion is a benevolent Creator father figure. Their temple matters strangely fall into the 'entertainment' quarter, and many of the preachers are dazzeling showman. An uneasy peace lays between the government and the religious types and there have been rumors of past transgressions on both sides.


Monster Trucks!

Greater Places:

The Kenley Great Mall

The Harbourhall Shipyards

Thexford's Academy

Richmansworth's Spring Break Beach

The Red Suspention Bridge


Biff’s support team at channel 4

Biff's agent, Murray.

Peter Jones - gov. contact for Eldland