The Tri

A series of three tightly grouped islands which are home to a group of intelligent animals. Obscure legend has it that ‘people’ created them.

There are basically three types of animals living here. Domestics (cats, dogs, goats, cows, etc.), Freeborn (foxes, squirrels, wolfs, lions, etc.) And Noble (dragons, unicorns, griffens, etc). These animals arrange themselves in pretty much a food chain type of hierarchy with a complex feudal system involved as well. This Cast system is extremely rigid.

If there is a magic system here, it is dragon based.

They have a common animal tongue - although all the types have their own language; felines, canines, rodents, etc.

People are legendary to these inhabitants.

Greater Places:

The Warren of the Black Fox

Palace of the Dragon Graveman



'The Graveman'