Jira “Phoenix Mountain”


This continent has two great mountains on it. One of the mountains, if seem from space is shaped like a phoenix. There is a large forest that clings to the inland area. The shore is quiet lovely.

There are humans on this landmass, and they have fairytales of magic and strange creatures like elves and unicorns. The fact behind the legends is that there use to be magical people and animals here, but they were hunted to near extinction. The last of the races hid in a high mountain enclosure and were rescued by the Eldland people.

Magical races are being reborn on Jira. New birth and sometimes transformation strike in the human families. It is possible a new elvin kingdom is being born.

Wizards have also come back to Jira, by way of the teachers on the Eldland continent. Masters wear a knot of their color, suspended from the chain by a post.

War use to tear up the countryside, but after a unifying battle – the people have settled to a peace they are use to. There is distrust of strangers, odd customs, and anything new. Merchant trains bring news and have an informed network.

Communication is easy as there is one language that cover the continent. Slang and dialects tend to tint various war camps.


War – many and various interpretations

Stamm – an Agricultural God.

Greater Places

Pheonix Mountain and The Nest

The Necroplois


Shepard / Essary Denowith

Deep Warder Lorning



Heesa (Blue)

Dortenzio (Wine)