Allana use to be a tree. 

She grew on Jira, and the transformation magic got a hold of her and made her into the First Elf  (Jira's old Elvin Kingdom knew that the humans were going to hunt them into extinction - so they spun their line into the plants and animals they lived amongst and most bravely - the humans that were killing them.)  She found her sisters in change; Morwyn - a fox/elf, and Zara - a human/elf.  Zara found love, and left their tri - while Allana and Morwyn struggled to make a place for the transformed people - not just the elves.

In the void of their loss, Olin stepped in - and brought with him the heritage of the lost elves (He is Risen)

The strength of this Tri has made a Kingdom outside the Necropolis.  Orthandel

Allana is married to Olin