Ben Airider

Innkeeper of the Adeventurer's Inn.

He is the Clanfather of the Airider Clan

Ben is a Prince of Jandari's line - but he is not an inheritor.  He actually helped to raise Resttin and acted as Regent to the Elvin Throne for a short time (116 years)

Wanting his own destiny, he left the Jandari Clan and began his own.  He doesn't talk about this, and there were probably other complications.

He is very happy running the Inn in Thark, and is on the Council for running the city.

He is married to Clea.

He actually has a number of children (Malen, Danael, Alirmir, Fallion, Hael, Plann, Chaft, Trivanna and Guiest).  Guiest is not yet of age.

The clan also includes;  Rahl, Kalen, Kanisha, Kam, Kestra, Drea