Xinji “The Isle of Yellow Men”

The origin of this island’s people is generally unknown. It is thought that some humans sailed away from the Eldland and found their way here.

This landmass is probably the remnant of a comet crash. There is a holy island in the center of a long almost perfect circle. They have great rounded hills which form a beautiful landscape. While villages are the main places to live, the Isle has The Dragon city and the Lotus city.

The government is a monarchy, with appointed warlords who keep the peace. A heavy cast system holds most people into the jobs and stations they were born in.

Language is different here, but there are scholars who have learned the Eldland common tongue.

Magic has developed slowly here, remaining in the hands of a few talented people. The Masters' Knots are worn with all bar beads on their sides. The Masters are known in mystic elements of balance – Wood, Fire, Water, Metal, and Earth (and their knot colors Green, orange, blue, silver and Brown).

Religion seems to have a regional variance to it. Ancestor worship being a country-side belief. Inner Harmony being town oriented. But there is overlap in many places.


Lung Dragons

Qilin – unicorn like creatures

Kitsune – multi tailed fox


Greater Places:

The Emporer's Palace

Infinity Ball 

The Lotus Garden

The Path of Columns


Emperor Hiro


(Coi Dragon)  Kin Ren

Rose Quartz