Rider of Hematite

More background on Morilinde:

The goddess of light, Morilinde is called the Nightingale or the Brilliant Mistress. She is the steward of celestial radiance, and she watches over the good creatures of the sky. She is depicted either as a phoenix bathed in brilliant light or a beautiful woman with large, feathered wings. Sometimes she is depicted as a simple nightingale as the bird sings even in the darkest of night. Her symbol is a phoenix, and the domains she is associated with are Glory, Good, and Sun. She is neutral good and her favored weapon is the spear. Clerics of Morilinde are bearers of her celestial light. Some take that mission literally,and use celestial radiance to combat plagues of undead. Others interpret their mission more metaphorically, working to illuminate and educate people, teaching everything from basic literacy to abstract philosophy.

Matrim wields a spear carved with birds and animals in honor of his patron and prior to becoming an adventurer was a teacher. Since coming to the Cocoon he has taken his mission more literally.