A spirit of the Monks caught Rick up from Earth as he left work one day.  Transported him to Thark, where he found Cory.

Master Gary hooked them up in his house for wayward Earthbloods.  (Along with one of Callus's students - who has been caring/squatting in the place)

Three things chr cares about:

1) Punching Stuff

2) Fun and Adventure

3) Hot elven lasses - non-elven ones too

Bedtime for Mummy

Choke Maw Tower

Finding the Master

Pre Point of the Dagger

Ride the Slice

Riding the Slice - Getting to Norlyn

He has Woola - an odd eight legged dog creature which is partially gelatinous.  Put something inside the goo on his back, and he can trail the scent.