Alderley - “Upper Spine of the World”

A great mountain range that begins at the top of the world trails down through this landmass, and flows all the way down past the equator. There is a great waterfall nestled in the mountain, and a huge lake that the water pours into.

The land is settled by mostly humans, but there are a few traces of odd races here and there. A race of gilled, light green skinned people with large black eyes that lives near the waterfall’s city. There are dwarves who live in the mountains, and some mermaids who live in the rivers. There is a group of centaurs that live on the west side of the mountain range.

Language here is an odd collection of words that have been gleaned from the different races. Sometimes the Marinas will speak in a high tongue that would carry well under water. Someone from the Eldland would recognize a word here and there from dwarvin and common - but mostly it is a strange tongue. The west side of the mountain range has a different language all together - and no one knows the East language.

People live in towns, and have local governments that tend to stay small. The east side of the landmass rarely has contact with the west. The cultural center is currently in the largest city, at the base of the waterfall.

Magic is known here, but is very rare. Clerical magics were legendary. When magic showed up in Waterfall city, it was quickly embraced without fear. Master's Knots are worn between two beads.


Mountain Gods – one of the early religions, and well spread over the land.

Elements – with Earth and Sky being the more pronounced aspects.

Creator – Different from the Eldland, but much of the ideas are the same.


Greater Places:

The Greater Waterfall.

The Spine of the World

The High Dragon Bog


The lady Safeen - head of a Marina household at Waterfall city


Pacentor (Green Master's Knot)

Gary (White Master's Knot)