A giant elf mage. Journyman to Master Mayhemanti

A giant of an Elf Jormy stands at 7"1’ and is built like a brick wall. With long black hair and piercing blue eyes his intimidating figure is softened by the slight grin he always seems to wear like he knows something no one else does.


Jormungandr, known to his friends as Jormy, is a Tamein elf who grew up wandering the world with his family. Having seen so much of the world the one thing that always impressed him more than anything was magic. Of course Jormy is an extremely large elf and due to his unusual size everyone always assumed he would be a natural warrior. Only his father really understood that he cared for learning not fighting. So when he turned 150 his father decided to send him to the magic university.
He came to Thark and quickly established himself as Mayhemanti's new favorite student

Three things the chr cares about

1) Learning

2) The Magic University

3) Becoming a Master Mage

Chicken shack

Dunmeyer Vampire

Mistake by the Lake