Human warrior out to become a hero.

Freyr grew up in a small town on the Eldland continent. Like most children he spent his free time playing hero but he never grew out of it.
   His life forever changed when he was 11 years old and witnessed a minor skirmish which of course to him was a great battle of legend. After hours of excitement watching the battle he over exhausted himself and fell asleep. He woke up after dark to the sounds of the wounded left dying on the field. He noticed a beautiful woman walking across the field in the night. After a few moments he realized to his horror that the beautiful woman was in fact Death herself. He watched mesmerized as She strolled the field simply touching wounded soldiers. After the long day of watching soldiers brutally hacking each other apart he was amazed at the simple beauty at which Death ended the suffering of the wounded.
   After that fateful night he decided to dedicate himself to becoming the perfect warrior. He became slightly obsessed with Death and began asking questions. Of course an 11 year old asking about Death is never well received and he quickly learned to be discreet. While Death is normally feared and hated Freyr came to understand that what She truly represents is balance.

Three things the Chr cares about

1) Lord Twyl

2) Protecting the weak

3) Becoming a hero

Death's arc