Dragonrider (Mahogany),

Ethyn is a son of Jandari and his late wife Ezeria.  There are very few people who know that Ethan is the biological son of Zintriny and Ezeria.  Ezeria knew that Jandari claimed her children as his own - as he was legally her husband - so she set out to break his heart through those children.  Zintriny had no idea that it was Ezeria that he was dallying with.   Ezeria gave Ethyn as a child to Fairy parents to raise in the Fairy Realm - so he would be old enough to cause greater pain.  When all this came to light, Jandari claimed Ethyn as his son, and sometimes shares the duties of fatherhood with Zintriny.

Ethyn has three sets of parents, the fey who raised him, his biological parents (Zintriny and Ezeria), and his claiming father (Jandari and stepmother (Keemara).

Being claimed by Jandari as son - he is an acknowledged Prince of the Elvin Line.  This tends to make him uncomfortable at times.