Winged Elf Clarion seeks to become a Knight of the Magic University, and considers himself one of its Protectors.


St. 17 HP 59
Int. 15 AC 19
Wis. 14
Dex. 7
Con. 13

Lvl. 6 Fighter Alignment LG Worshipper of Swabash, God of Adventure.
Clarion specializes in two-weapon fighting, using both a sword and a dagger.

Elf of the Starlight Clan, Clarion has the rare trait of wings, which are as black and irridescent as a raven’s feathers. His hair is also black, cut short but for his forelock and one long braid on the side. His eyes are blue.
Clarion decided when he came to Thark that he would become a Knight of the Magic University. He believes that the study of magic and the careful distribution of its use can only help the advancement of the world and its people.
Though not a mage himself, Clarion respects those who use magic, and believes it is his duty to protect the University and all of its students and teachers, as well as its agenda.
That being said, he is completely un-official in his knighthood; his duty is completely self-imposed and pretty-much unrecognised.
But, in his mind, a true knight does not seek praise or reverance. He does his duty.