Whole Timeline


There is a certain amount of flux within a Campaign’s timeline.  This allows for the weeks where game play freezes with some characters and continues with others.

If  there was some printed mention  of the event, then it will be marked so:

DT = Darktimes

DF = Darkfawn Fanzine Collection

“Title” = fiction

The Ages of Chaos

00.00.00  The Mend

1ST AGE - The Dragon Years 

1     Old Elvin Clans established: Ailrock, Allentrex, Byranna, Dariss, Jandari, Starlight, Zintriny

278     The City of New Hope Founded by Jandari.  Tunjany Clan begun.  Croninger Clan begun

400     Jandari made the first King

527     Ezeria Elithia born to the Byranna Clan

803     Jandari meets Elithia for the first time

964     Jandari proposes to Elithia

1,000     Jandari is married to Elithia

1,104     Birth of Jandari’s son Vinyal

1,122     Birth of Jandari’s son Derastin

1,278     Avortite Clan begun

1,304     Vinyal comes of age, chooses Jandari clan and becomes heir

1,971     Birth of Jandari’s daughter Melandee

2,000     Tamien Clan begun

2,400     Birth of Jandari’s son Randir

2,780     Zintriny Ereg issued against the Nightfall dragon


3,957     Ezeria Elithia starts to hate Karrac


4,572     Allentrex dies

4,634     Vanyal marries an Allentrex woman

4,638     Birth of Vanyal’s son Jilran

4,824     Birth of Vanyal’s second child, a son

4,838     Jilran comes of age, chooses Jandari clan and becomes Heir’s heir

4,930     Birth of Vanyal’s third child, a daughter


5,310     Birth of Vanyal’s fourth child, a son

5,320     Birth of Jandari’s daughter Sayrin


6,382     Vanyal dies, Derastin is Clanelder, Jilran is heir


7,848     Zarrin Hatched

7,888     Ezeria leaves Jandari

7,890     Birth of Ezeria’s girl Warken, Jandari claims her as his child.

7,932     Birth of Ezeria’s son Fuinaze, Jandari claims


8,090     Warken comes of age, chooses Ezeria’s clan Byranna

8,132     Fuinaze comes of age, chooses Ezeria’s clan Byranna

8,326     Novel, founder of the Starlight clan, dies

8,700     Jilran marries an Ailrock woman


9,252     Birth of Jilran’s daughter Laveanna

9,452     Laveanna comes of age, chooses Jandari clan, becomes heir’s heir.

9,547     Karrac killed by humans, Zarrin becomes First

9,550     Birth of Ezeria’s son Arjan, Jandari claims

9,577     Jilran becomes the Elf King when Jandari passes the landright to him

9,602     Sea'sSon closes the Oceans

9,750     Arjan comes of age, chooses Ezeria’s clan Byranna

10,000     Jandari leaves the clanfather duties and roams

10,321     Birth of Ezeria’s son Chernock, Jandari claims

10,456     The betrayal of Dragons


1     Start of the Second Age

2     Birth of Ezeria’s daughter Hellai, Jandari claims

5    Zarrin dies, Brindley becomes First

65     Chernock comes of age, chooses Ezeria’s clan Byranna

201     Hellai comes of age, chooses Jandari clan

964     Tolkien Born


1,141     Byranna dies

1,500     Birth of Jilran’s second child, a son

1,523     Ryton Born

1,547    Janigantol becomes first

1,552     Ryton invents the Ryton’s Release

1,563     Ryton is lost in a timeslip


2,293     The Dryad War, Croninger dies

2,690     Ezeria Elithia dies

3,000     Sabbrakentas becomes first

3,766     Rojas Clan begun


4,078    Hustonallum becomes first

4,321     Birth of Jilran’s third and forth children, two sons

4,531     Twins come of age, third chooses Jandari, fourth chooses Ailrock


5,224     Tunjany dies

5,587     Jandari summoned before Jilran

5,820     Jilran looses much of his joy of living

5,821     Unlocking of the Knowledge.   Jilran’s death in battle 

3RD AGE - The Age of Knowledge

1     Laveanna of Fire becomes Elf Queen.  Nissan Clan begun

55         Cerwyn - born

128     Deraniacton becomes First

300     Laveanna marries a Rojas man

302     Birth of Laveanna’s daughter Sindis

502     Sindis comes of age, chooses Jandari clan, receives heirship.

749     Sindis marries a Tamien man

823     The Timelost Clan begun


1,203     Birth of Sindis’ son Jir

1,207     Birth of Sindis’s son Alik

1,403     Jir comes of age, chooses Tamien clan, does not feel worthy of heir’s heir.

1,407     Alik comes of age, chooses Jandari, becomes heir’s heir

1,882     Birth of Laveanna’s daughter Trys


2,197     Taleena-tava becomes first

2,590     Birth of Sindis’s third child, a daughter

2,603     Birth of Sindis’s fourth child, a son


3,597     Avortite dies


4,212     Birth of Sindis’s fifth child, a son

4,213     Sindis’ death, Alik is made heir

4,830     The founding of Rebtide

5,000     Renaming of the city of New Hope to Hope


6,413     Jandari returns to Clanfather duties

6,412     Derastin, dies in a fire


7,046     Medellin becomes First

8,000     Rojas lost

8,633     Jandari leaves Clanfather duties and his name behind


9,305     Alik marries a Tunjany woman

9,757     Alik is killed, leaving his wife pregnant

9,758     Alik’s son Resttin is born

9,775     Laveanna makes a writ making Resttin heir before he comes of age, this is kept quiet

9,809     Nimbresantu kills Medellin

9,842     Laveanna is killed in battle. King Resttin of Fire and Ice.  Jir is made steward.

9,958     Resttin comes of age, chooses Jandari clan much to everyone’s relief.


10,081     Resttin marries a Tunjany woman

10,452     Alchemist Academy founded

11,000     Nissan and Tamien die

11,013     Zintriny Clan relocates their Clantree, second Ereg


13,000     Resttin renames the city of hope to Jandari

13,267     Cerwyn married to Ellie


14,694     The War of Swords.  Atlantis Lost.  Rebtide Lost

4TH AGE - The Black Age

1     Start of the Fourth Age


1,982           Cerwyn imprisoned as Guardian

2,000     Dariss dies, but is raised


3,728     Demon flood,  The Ebon Days start.  Tilastra is First.  Timelost clanfounder dies.  Vjulkar is First

3,730     Black Key recovered and hidden


4,274     Death of Ailrock 

5,000     Birth of Resttin’s son Fyth Fireice

5,004     Break Demon War - end of the Ebon Days.  Loss of Zintriny

5,009     Raen becomes Clanfather of the Zintriny

5,123     Birth of Resttin’s second child, a son

5,200     Fyth comes of age, chooses Jandari clan, becomes heir


6,194     Birth of Resttin’s third child, a daughter

6,735     Birth of Resttin’s fourth child, a son

6,935     Resttin’s fourth child comes of age, chooses Tunjany clan with his father’s blessings


7,569     Fyth Fireice becomes Elf King when Resttin passes the landright to his son


8,759     Karatomy becomes First

8,242     Gurth born


9,305     Birth of Resttin’s fifth child, a daughter


10,486     Reyhani becomes First


11,164     Antalistrom becomes First


12,021     Hatching of Thunder

12,167     The War of Wars 


1     Start of the Fifth Age

100     Birth of Ben Airider

212     Loss of Drap, Dwarf city

228     Making of the Wildwood Ring

873     Thunder becomes First


1,083     Ben begins the Airider Clan

1,136     War of the Glove

1,374     Loss of the Power Glove

1,673     Birth of Tarkin, Seeklight

1,893     Elvin Land War


2,457     Krin War

2,688     Thunder faces down Robnick's foundation for Bloodskull Tower, Thunder & Laedalice Impress

2,720     Denowith joins Robnick

2,750     Bloodskull Tower built

2,957     Birth of Dwarm, the Dwarf King


3,126     Birth of Thaylor

3,138     Birth of Timbol

3,245     Forging of the Soultrap

3,674     Heartstone made

3,993     Start of the Dwarf - Elf War

4,000     Fyth marries a Jandari woman descended from Hellai (the adopted) unite the clan

4,084     Birth of Fyth’s daughter Denver Fireice

4,173     Wildwood ring found

4,284     Denver comes of age, chooses Jandari clan, becomes heir

4,464     Wildwood ring lost

4,507     Laedalice mades Eldland Landfall

4,514     Laedalice & Thunder mating flight, rejoin in love

4,553     death of the Dwarf King / End of dwarf/elf war

4,663     Thunderstone Built

4,683     Chaft Born

4,800     Birth Keemara 

4,819     Keemara meets Ruby in Candet

4,863     Thunder Disappears - Laedalice dies in egg laying.  Angel Prison

4,867     Hatching of Brimstones, Keemara & Brimstones Impress

4,932     Birth of Fyth’s son Cortez


5,122     Zintriny Ereg against Bloodskull tower

5,498     Man - Orc War

5,499     Portblade made\

5,520     Spider Centaur war on Unlit Lands - Gurth puts himself and Family in their birth song.

5,610     Kobold War

5,612     Thyamin born

5,620     The Undead Scroll & Wraithring made

5,646     Trivanna born

5,658     Wraithring lost

5,763     Thip the Triumphant born

5,770     Brimstones confirmed as First

5,790     Orlando born to Raen, unrecognized due to family entanglements

5,800     Kingtree planted

5,803     Mayhemanti Born

5,880     Tashmire comes to Power

5,935     Thark’s Gate Found

5,960     Thark Founded / WAU founded


6,020     Kellar sneaks into Tolkien’s tower


6,027.02.15    Dave’s entrance

6,028.09.37    Cylon crashes.

6,028.10.10    Cylon becomes a werehuman

6,028.10.19    Dave Impresses Fire.

6,029.03.37    Fire finds a balrog.

6,029.04.35    The Unknown War, Death of Carrot

6TH AGE - (The Age of Players)


1.01.01   Start of the Sixth Age

1.10.25   Kellar is apprenticed to Tolkien

2.04.03   Old King becomes a Ruler!


3.02.20   Revolt of the Human Cities

3.06.28   Mayhemanti is rejected by Master Tolkien.

4.01.16   Brimstones first clutch hatch

4.08.06   Giant/Centaur War (DT 1)


5.02.06   Young King Taven has trouble (DT 2)

5.03.29   Thaylor’s death (DT 4)

5.04.17   Chaft rescued from Bloodskull (DT 5)

5.05.33   Tren’s Shop almost burns to the ground (DT 6)

5.05.37   Thaylor’s rescue begun! (DT 7)

5.07.26   Tavern Murderer tries to kill Ben Airider (DT 7)

5.07.34   Tavern Murder cases solved when Bobbin Tashmire kills murder (DT 8)

5.08.08   Thaylor’s second quest done.  Twyl found. (DT 9)

5.08.34   Twyl joins Magic University

5.09.11   Greywand, Thaylor’s son dies (DT 10)

5.09.13   King Taven tries to regain lost control. (Dt 11)

5.10.40   King Taven turns out to be the victim of kidnap, and a plot to overthrow his reign.  (D 13)

6.01.39   Kalimar’s Plague. (DT 14)

6.02.18   Thark’s Rainbow Baron believed to have died. (DT 15)

6.04.12   Vastar joins Magic University

6.05.27   Thaylor’s third quest, he’s alive again! (DT 16)

6.06.03   Candet, ravaged by plague, looses King Taven.  Thark declares itself free city.  (DT 16)

6.10.32   Plague ridden Candet is resurrected by a miracle.  Taven alive! (DT 17)

7.01.28   Keemara moves to her island (DT 17)

7.01.36   Marionetta takes over the Thark government. (DT 18)

7.06.12   Tober Berryleaf is banished from town.  (DT 18)

7.08.07   Deadstoyr and others come to Thark from other side of world. (DT 19)

7.09.40   Tober clears himself and returns to town (DT 19)

8.02.36   Ruby’s death

8.06.34   Ben Airider is arrested at Marionetta’s command, is released (DT 20)

8.07.03   Dave Jordan picks up a sword that turns him evil.

8.08.08   Dave Jordan Impresses Toc

9.04.32   Twyl befriends Vastar.

9.09.23   Dave Jordan gets his castle.

9.10.13   Ghost Medusa, with Litch power on the loose!  (DT 20)

10.03.13  Baster becomes a Master at the Magic University (DT 20)

10.08.02  Dave sacrifices Mitch to the Great Lord of the Undead 

10.09.08  Tanic falls in love with Don.

11.01.05  Marionetta unseated!  Thark decides to become a monarchy. (DT 21)

11.01.07  Christopher is King (DT 21)

11.03.27  Bloodskull Tower builds a village about it’s base. (DT 21)

11.04.13  Mayhemanti,Vastar’s apprentice 

11.04.35  Mayhemanti meets Trivanna for the first time and falls!

11.08.14  Dwarves are entombed in their city.  Don Wenzel rescues them (with a little help) (DT 21)


12.01.13  Mayhemanti makes journeyman

12.06.24  Jinar Invasion (DT 22)

12.06.39  Discover that the Jinar are deathless

12.08.07  Travel to Jinar’s home dimension and destroys their pool of re-life.

13.03.19  Vastar gets a lock of Mitch’s hair.

13.05.26  Mitch has Nightmares

13.07.35  Temple of Nightmares Built in Thark (DT 23)

13.09.17  Tren takes Stewart on as an apprentice. (DT 23)


14.02.28  Toc buries an elvin caravan in the back yard.

14.05.16  Don Wenzel joins Denver’s gang the Eclipsers, in disguise.

14.10.25  Robnik imprisoned.

14.10.33  Bloodskull Tower destroyed!  The world rejoices!


15.01.05  Adventure of the Cards

15.01.28  Man selling restoration potions, turns out to be reducing people into the potions!

15.02.05  Rescue Chaft from Undead

15.02.11  Skyscar Adventure - into the dimensional rip itself!


15.03.01  Darkspawn found!

15.05.08  Mitch’s Great Fireball Fumble

15.05.10  Mitch tells Trivanna he’s married, breaks her heart Ben gives him a black eye

16.05.30  The world starts to un-ravel itself - turning ethereal Party rescues Turquoise

16.07.12  Mitch’s first son born.

17.02.15  A cyborg found, who is half dead.  Fontan is raised.

17.08.37  Mitch’s second child born.

17.10.29  Dave’s Calling Card Apprenticeship

18.07.06  Dave Jordan starts a ship building business after clearing out a death cult

18.09.37  A trip to the center of the Sun!  We had joy, we had fun, we fought creatures in the sun...

18.10.02  Tren ships Stewart off to the Alchemist college.


19.03.02  Denver Fireice rescued by Don Wenzel. Elves rejoice.

19.03.28  The House of Timeflux.  Lilandra learns what Jandari looks like.

19.07.12  All the Elves Disappear!

19.07.36  Elves Found in Ruby Gems that hold powerful races.  New Races come back into the world.

19.08.21  Dimensional whirlpool.  True Angel summoned.

19.09.37  Albin is taken by Tanic, and rescued finally.

20.08.40  Vastar becomes Litch  (DT 25)

20.09.01  Chaft decides to run for mayor (DT 25)

20.09.29  City of Sssith is swallowed by the desert (DT 26)

20.09.37  Chaft looses mayoral race (DT 26)

20.10.26  Vastar sends group to Zarrin’s Tomb for Mummified Dragon’s Blood.

21.01.04  Vastar is raised from the undead (DT 27)

21.03.25  Don restores the city of Ssith (DT 27)

21.10.30  Fyth announces his plans to retire (DT 27)

22.05.23  Assassin’s Guild opens a building in Thark (DT 27)

22.07.08  Rescue Chaft from Satanic Assassin

23.04.14  Library of Rebtide Found! (DT 28)

23.09.35  Rumors of War over Denver ascending to the Throne (28&29)

24.05.18  Bloodskull Tower II appears across the river from Thark (DT 29)

24.05.22  Petitions for a church of secrets filed in Thark, turned down (DT 29)

24.06.10  Rescue Chaft from cult.

24.06.28  Bloodskull II leaves Thark, and goes to the Desert.

24.10.27  Orcs attack and take Watcher’s Keep, army on the move (DT 30)


25.01.04  War is certain as Fyth insists retiring (DT 31).

25.01.17  Thieves Guild building collapses (DT 31)

25.06.19  Bloodskull Tower II is destroyed with Atlantean Teleport cubes

25.07.31  Eon, a pure mana golem is rescued from Yarg.

26.01.01  Coronation of Denver Fireice (“Denver Fireice”)

26.01.05  Human elf war begins 

26.01.38  Dave Gordan gets to Darkfawn, he doesn’t make it very long.

26.04.12  Twyl sends off a party to kill an old friend who is a vampire now.  Find Manix and his giant

26.05.20  Jandari almost executed, Keemara changes her rules (“untitled”)

26.06.37  Rescue Trivanna from Candet

26.08.01  Gretchin betrays her people by molding their souls into a cube

26.08.23  Rescue Chaft from Bone Cult.

26.09.16  Rescue Chaft

26.10.03  JG’s gear stolen by Kobolds, party tries to get it back.

26.10.24  Rescue Chaft from Snakeskulls


27.01.01  Keemara punches a hole in the Soul Cube, adventurer’s proceed (DT 34)

27.01.03  Soulcube is brought down with Gretchin’s death!  The City of Candet is raised with a wish.

27.01.17  Candet goes democratic, elects a president (Sirus Gumph)

27.02.25  Swbashian Arch goes on the blink, party investigates and fixes.

27.02.36  Rescue of a dog named ‘Poopsie’

27.03.10  Gatekeepers basement graves need to be re-blessed.

27.04.26  Tren finds the Soultrap Artifact, then the undead come hunting him. (DT 37, 38, 39, 40)

27.05.18  The first Phoenix released upon the world.  Tony is attached to her.

27.06.28  Vampire Medusa outside town, is dispatched by party.

27.07.27  Assassin’s ‘shop’ burns down.  No plans to rebuild (DT 38)

27.08.03  Suzi’s orb stolen (DT 39)

27.08.20  Twyl attacked by a demon of Love, loose confidence in himself (DT 40)

27.10.01  Tren rescued from the hands of Anwar, Ice Waste Undead (New Years Adventure, DT 42)

28.03.06  Vampire Medusa threatens Thark.

28.05.17  Mants found under the city of Thark!  Party makes friendly contact.

28.06.06  Jandari’s Dragonleather coat, missing since the war is found and returned to him (DT 43)

28.07.20  A hole in Thark’s riverbank houses water undead.  Party destroys them.

28.08.32  Baron Tony, after investigating, he finds common people of the land - you know, morons.

28.09.38  Barony’s grave quest

28.10.07  Barony’s Swimmin’ hole

28.10.18  Pegasus Murders solved.


29.01.01  Barony of Eire open officially

29.03.14  Spire of Deathglass comes to Thark. (DT 45)

29.05.09  Russ comes to Darkfawn and gets himself apprenticed to Vastar.

29.07.22  Singing Sewers mystery solved.

29.10.17  Master’s Gang War - Vaster & Twyl (“Gang War” & DT 48)

29.10.22  Temp Berryleaf looses some of his ‘business cards’

29.10.31  Brimstone’s Second Clutch (DT 48)  Targa & Marble, Lilandra & Jade, Jarle & Slate.

29.10.33  Thyamin becomes a Paladin by going to Lacewood.

29.10.40  Temple of Life to save Death and her son!

30.01.07  Twyl gives a party for his mother (DT 52)

30.01.27  Tanic’s final solution 

30.02.19  Undead Temple found near Branchcove

30.02.30  Logan and Jet get married (DT 53)

30.02.36  Father Berryleaf found!

30.03.03  Narlan adventure begins(DT 54)

30.03.08  Mayhemanti ‘meets’ Liriock

30.03.11  Undead Temple near Branchcove kills Mor’s family(DT 55)

30.04.14  Narlan War Machine

30.04.17  Kraven disappears after noting all the ‘evil’ people gathering. (Slander Rag #2 & DT 56)

30.04.23  Bachelor Party for Thyamin (DT 58)

30.05.06  Russ gets involved with Vastar’s problem. (“Russ’s Night Out”)

30.05.25  Mor’s family starts to haunt him (DT 58)

30.05.27  Thyamin gets married to his three brides!

30.05.38  Narlan High Wizards Tower Quest

30.06.08  Krass summons good characters to retrieve a lamp for him. They do not.

30.06.12  Extra dimensional creature controlling people’s souls is found (“The Harper of Souls”)

30.07.29  Mor’s family curses him.

30.07.32  Mor dies.  Undead temple near Branchcove gutted (“Assault on the Undead” & DT 63)

30.07.33  Mayhemanti and Jandari free Tolkien’s Tower (“Tolkiens Tower”,DF #1)

30.08.15  Temp has three weeks worth of meetings for his Guild. (“The Berryleaf Blues”-DF #1)

30.08.20  Russ, Cyndy and Toji decide to fix Mayhemanti and Trivanna up.

30.08.28  Cyndy tries to come to grips with her feeling about Twyl (“Cyndys Knot”-DF #1)

30.09.10  Jandari moves into Thark.

30.10.17  Mayhemanti kisses Trivanna, and promptly gets into a fight with her! (“The Game”- DF #1)

30.10.22  Elvin family needing rescue from a floating skyship

30.10.37  A passing Comet grabs a series of adventurers into it (New Years Adventure,DT 63)


31.01.10  Robnik gets loose (“untitled” & DT 65)

31.01.25  Russ and Mayhemanti spend a time with Robnik while Vastar considers offer.

31.01.27  A miniature Mayhemanti comes to Cyndy, right out of a dream. Becomes very attached to her.

31.01.29  Hall of Mirrors, Sev gets into lone trouble.

31.01.40  Mayhemanti meets his tiny double.  Insists that the thing be reshaped!  Cyndy, has it killed.

31.02.02  Robnik steals 13 unborn Paladin babies for his own use, Thyamin’s 9 amidst them.  (DT 66)

31.02.05  Benny is stolen by pirates, but calls for Swabash to get him OUT of adventure.  

31.02.15  Mayhemanti rescues Chaft from Robnik. 

31.02.16  Robnik begins work on the Vampire Cloud.  Makes overtures at Denver Fireice.  (DT 67)

31.02.26  Trivanna and Mayhemanti get into another argument! (“Damn Zaps!”)

31.02.27  Starchild Wish Quest.  An Unborn star in the shape of a little boy. Fiona almost kills Opal!

31.02.28  Thyamin starts having dreams about Robnik. (“Thyamin’s 3rd Dream”)

31.02.30  Hargrave family missing a globe with a dimensional creature in it - its a matter of honor!

31.02.31  Dara, tells Don where he can get a neat magical sword, Mayhemanti gets a traveling shop.

31.02.32  Wiccen steals two daughters, Two of a kind adventure.

31.03.09  Benny, realizing that his God is displeased, sets off on his own adventure.

31.03.12  Thyamin regains his lost unborn children. (DT 68)

31.03.17  Jandari goes to Robnik before he can go to the Undead Dragon king.(“Clanfather Duties”)

31.03.20  Kotfica’s house - Master Vastar’s old Master.

31.03.25  Thyamin’s children are born - all 9!

31.03.29  SKYSCAR BREAKS!     (“Spring Break” & DT 71 & “The Shattered Sky”- DF #2)

31.03.30  The world picks up the pieces of broken lives.  Thark forms a magical relief squad.  (DT 72)

31.03.32  Rescue Chaft from Lamias

31.04.26  Coral, missing, gets word to Russ that she’s in a city in Lacewood!

31.04.33  The Gateway of Adventure is re-aligned to Swabash and a few others

31.04.40  Icebird terrorizes Ferryton. Insanity causes fireballs & death.

31.05.09  Ivory takes up residence near Thark (DT 74)

31.05.11  LiShen’s gear packed up to send home (“A circle of Life” - DF #2)

31.05.26  Thyamin offers himself to Robnik as sacrifice.  Trying to convert him

31.06.04  A group of Adventurer’s go into Lacewood forest.  (“Lacewood City”- DF #2)

31.06.08  Nat becomes rich!  (DT 74)

31.07.12  Thyamin gets Robnik to the Dragon Isle to think.

31.07.27  Robnik gains back his bright white halo. Returns to Thark. (DT 74)

31.08.35  Lilandra and Jandari deepen their relationship. (“The Moon as Witness”)

31.08.38  Russ and Mayhemanti play a joke on Rrain and dump her in Vastar’s bed.

31.09.09  Vastar and Ben arrange for Mayhemanti and Trivanna to life-mated. (“Changes”)

31.09.14  Rrain becomes Thaylor’s apprentice so she may continue her relationship with Vastar. (DT 75)

31.09.36  Chaft talks to Manix, and they go to learn of each others curse.  (“Complex Curse”- DF #2)

31.10.04  Mitch finally registers his divorce.

31.10.39  Rrain finds shes pregnant with Vastar’s child.

31.10.40  Robnik lays undead to rest at Bloodskull.

32.01.03  Local Lamias need a building cleared for their use.

32.01.09  Mayhemanti & Trivanna lifemate (“Vows”- DF #2 & DT 75)

32.01.12  Russ follows Mayhemanti and Trivanna to their honeymoon spot.

32.01.21  Mayhemanti presents his Master’s project for the first time.  (“A Masters Closeting”- DF #2)

32.01.22  Nevets has some trouble with Thyamin. (“Confrontation” DF #2)

32.01.27  Robnick allows himself to be arrested by the elves. (DT 77)

32.01.31  Mayhemanti hears the pronouncement from the Masters, and passes! (“Results”- DF #2)

32.01.33  Judges council for the Trial of Robnick is announced. (DT 77)

32.01.35  A dragon egg is found on orc land. The egg is cracked in the pattern of the broken sky

32.01.38  Jandari sends out a group to bring back the legendary Golden Unicorn for Robnicks trial.

32.01.39  The Magic Shop re-opens after it’s destruction. (DT 77)

32.01.40  Keemara names the little un-hatched dragon “Ruby” after her old friend.  (“Legacy” - DF #2)

32.02.03  Rescue of maidens from The Wiccen.

32.02.04  Temple of Secrets almost desecrated.

32.02.05  Otis’s Grand Uncle’s spirit calls for rest.

32.02.07  Jandari goes to see Robnik before the trial. (“Waiting for the Beginning”)

32.02.08  Hargrave Playhouse filled with Giant wasps.

32.02.11  Mayhemanti becomes a Master in ceremony (“Master” & DT 77)

32.02.12  Mayhemanti goes to visit Robnik for three days.   Robnik gives him much to consider.

32.02.13  Ted, Eol, and Rini steal a surf board.

32.02.17  Yorinaga on his way to Thark (“A New Beginning” DF #2)

32.02.19  Keris comes to Thark.

32.02.21  Germ warfare in Thaylor’s body.

32.02.25  Trail of Robnik starts the preliminary stages. (DT 78)

32.02.36  Oakhoof begins to move The Creator Church to a new building. (DT 78)

32.03.14  Magic Shop is broken into. (DT 79)

32.03.20  Adventurer’s sucked underground.  Return on 32.04.12!

32.04.25  Father Eric dies (DT 82)

32.04.28  Hatching of Ruby, impresses Albamin. (DT 80)

32.04.31  Keemara Dies, but is raised (“Prices”)

32.04.33  Adventure of the cookie cutter

32.05.01  Tren believes he’s getting old when everyone urges him to take apprentices. (DT 83)

32.05.27  Tipton helps Master Tren realize your as old as you feel. (DT 84)

32.06.12  Morwyn becomes a Vampire.

32.06.17  Retrieving a bloodstone from a Vampire dragon, The dragon comes to Thark but leaves again.

32.06.29  Maindor’s nephew’s stuffed toy becomes animated.  He hires adventurers to fix it.

32.07.01  Clanfather Raen becomes angry at the Trial of Robnick. (“A Cry of Justice”)

32.07.06  Feast of the Four Winds. Mayhemanti is having dreams of Zintriny.

32.07.18  Vastar and Fordor have a magical disagreement starting with a storm made into poodles.

32.07.32  Father Secrets tries to find Swabash’s Crystal of Adventure.  He does not succeed.

32.08.04  Mayhemanti sucked of levels by his Zintriny dream (DT 85)

32.08.06  Collet’s Grand Uncle calls for help, and the party clears his church.

32.08.19  Zintriny found!

32.08.37  Timbol’s pledge of celibacy.

32.08.38  Birth of Rrain’s baby.  A boy. (DT 85)

32.09.04  The last of the Ailrock Clan found in slavery in Candet.  Free, he takes his clan name as his own

32.09.11  Unicorn’s brings adventurers to gain the keys to the freedom from slavery.

32.09.27  Robnick is killed by the removing of his body, blood and deeds Rabon born.  (“The End”)

32.10.13  Tegel manor expedition.


33.01.05  Jillian gets pregnant by Zintriny.

33.01.08  Zintriny moves in with Jandari.

33.01.12  Chaft is rescued from Krass.

33.01.13  An odd fire cult kidnaps people from Thark (DT 87, 88)

33.01.33  Jillian has the babies magically born.  2 girls, 2 boys.

33.02.06  Rabon moves into Tegel manor. (DT 88)

33.02.13  Male Phoenix sighted.  (DT 86)

33.02.19  Master Tolkien joins the magic university’s guidelines  (DT 89)

33.02.21  Kalimar has a tourney.  Many of Thark’s people go, and some win! (DT 88)

33.02.24  A man’s nightmares threaten reality.  The Church of Nightmares gets adventurers to help.

33.02.35  A phoenix mating flight was reported.  (DT 89)

33.02.38  Manix restored to life by Thyamin.  (DT 90)

33.02.40  Tober closes the Thieves Guild in favor of the Trouble-shooters Club.  (DT 87)

33.03.05  King christopher proposes to Sheer Goldenfur and she accepts. (DT 89)

33.03.07  Master Twyl buys a home in Thark.  DT(89)

33.03.10  A litch invades one of Vastar’s prepared areas.

33.03.33  Trouble Shooter club opens in Thark.  (DT 90)

33.03.38  Rat people kidnap a young girl

33.04.02  Tegel manor infested with imps who steal part of people’s souls

33.04.06  Twyl’s housewarming party

33.04.07  Dorian, the gray painter comes to Thark. (DT 91)

33.04.11  Colin escapes Vastar’s soul bottle and is alive again.

33.04.23  Mants need help fighting monsters who are stealing their queen’s eggs.

33.04.25  Russ goes into the enchanting rooms to make scrolls

33.04.32  Swabashian Gate adventure

33.04.37  Crystal Cards being sought by adventurer’s cause them to run into Ivory and Vastar.

33.05.21  Thyamin and family go into the Fairy Realms at Swabash’s direction (DT 92)

33.05.30  Thyamin and kids return from the Fairy Realms, for them 300 years later.  3 more kids, wives dead.

33.05.35  Russ gets out of the enchanting rooms

33.05.37  Twyl’s torn essence, adventurer’s go into the Death lands.  (DT 92)

33.06.09  Swabashian Gate adventure

33.06.13  An interdemensional darkness begins leaking through into darkfawn

33.06.17  Avery tells adventurer’s where to go pick up some magic items.

33.06.38  Jandari becomes elf King again. (DT 92)

33.07.01  Jandari becomes King of Thark (DT 92)

33.07.02  Hubey gets out of the enchanting rooms

33.07.06  Jandari becomes the Dragon King

33.07.08  Enjis is made journeyman (“Enjis’ Trip into Darkness” DF #3)

33.07.14  Farmer’s Pit has darkness aliens in it.

33.07.22  Mant cave have Darkness in them

33.07.30  Exploration of the Darkness plane

33.07.36  Recovery of Candet’s Deed of Rulership, so Jandari can become King of Candet.

33.08.06  Rabon becomes a Tegel, and is accepted by the haunted Manorhouse.

33.08.29  Jandari becomes Orc King (“King for the Orcs” DT 93)

33.08.22  Darkness cloud manifesting clearly on Darkfawn.  It’s looking for the Crystal of Reality.

33.08.28  Rescue Eeon from monsters.

33.08.37  Timbol’s year of celibacy is up, although a party is had, Timbol has a quite evening. (DT 94)

33.09.13  ‘Russ’ kills Krass over the matter of Jandari’s coat.  (DT 95)

33.09.25  City Guard closes Troubleshooter’s Club.

33.09.40  Jandari conquers other continent

33.10.02  Pellantar born to Mayhemanti and Trivanna (DT 94)

33.10.08  Vastar sends Russ & Enjis to recover a Magic Item

33.10.20  Wiccen and Werewolves threaten farmer’s peace.

33.10.25  Stone altar.

33.10.36  Russ, Mayhemanti and Vastar use a time loop to spend a year in study.  Mana Gems & Glove

33.10.38  A royal white dragon is seen near Branchcove (DT 94)

33.10.40  Albamin and Ruby find Karrac and reunite him with Jandari. (DT 96)

34.01.07  Journeyman Russ passes his closeting for Mastership. (DT 95)

34.01.09  Vastar does not feel that Russ is ready, Russ agrees to wait.  (DT 95)

34.01.13  The Darkness builds a tunnel to Darkfawn

34.02.14  Karrac explains why he is ‘alive’  (“Karrac”)

34.02.23  Russ passes tests to Vastar’s satisfaction, and is made a Master

34.02.26  A black Zintriny, Hemlock shows up to be Russ’s apprentice.

34.02.30  Hemlock explores the Swabashian Arch.

34.02.34  Gathering the keys to the Fortress of Time

34.02.38  The Fortress of Time is raided to add years to Karrac’s life.

34.02.40  King Christopher and Sheer are married.

34.03.04  Russ and Coral are married.

34.03.23  Doc & Josh play a joke on Hemlock.

34.03.24  Hemlock comes to terms with what she is and what she wants to be (“The Black Zintriny”)

34.03.36  Alicel finds that Tandar’s parents don’t really approve of her.  (“Spoiled Rotten” DF #3)

34.04.01  Tandar and Alicel are married.

34.04.20  Kathanodos meets Keemara (“Keemara and the Phoenix” DF #3)

34.04.22  Jandari becomes High King of all the World!

34.04.23  Creeping Darkness is defeated by adding light into it, creating a whole new world.

34.04.24  Jandari renounces his rule in favor of the previous occupants.

34.04.26  Experience is given to the champions of the new world.

34.04.32  Tober finds himself with a thief group.  (“The Berryleaf Handful”  DF #3)

34.04.38  Katrina sorts out her feelings for the Bloodstone family (“Katrina” DF #3)

34.04.39  Captain Roberts kidnaped by people wanting to turn him pirate again.

34.05.04  A fortress of orcs found in the Elftide Wood.

34.05.06  Liriock gains a ward, Cristil.(untitled - DF #3)

34.05.11  Karrac meets Kathanodos (Cartoon, DF #3)

34.05.27  Swan Maidens beg to have their sister rescued

34.05.35  Young Lord Hargrave takes on a Samurai champion, Tanaka. (DT 98)

34.06.18  Jenler the Mad found at Thunderstone, warns that Lacewood is marching!

34.06.30  River Pirates capture Chaft

34.06.32  Tegel Manor’s magical map of Lacewood is recovered.

34.07.01  Colin lost in Lacewood

34.07.16  Tandar’s prickelpear pie.  (“One Morning”)

34.08.17  Lacewood orcs are outside of Thark as the wood moves closer

34.08.22  Fyth Fireice is rescued from Lacewood. (DT 99)

34.08.39  Phantom Ring is over-run by the marching wood. (DT 100)

34.09.03  The Zintriny Clantree moves to Hence. (DT 99)

34.09.05  The Great Lord of the Undead meets the Zintriny Clan - in person.

34.09.06  Colin’s skull given to Josh by Eddie

34.09.12  Manix, Chaft & Cpt Roberts need magic from stone pockets in dungeon for complex curses

34.09.18  A fire on the Dock’s threatens the Fantasmal Fish.  (DT 100)

34.09.25  THE SUN GOES OUT!

34.09.26  Find Kathanodos to rekindle the sun

34.09.27  The Sun is re-kindled.

34.10.02  Lacewood’s attack on Thark & Jandari. Zintriny resurface. Coral and  Karrac. (Untitled)

34.10.19  Twyl learns his father is Eddie.

34.10.20  Rescue of Cabar (“Cabar” DF #4 & DT 100)

34.10.23  Exploration of the Crystal Castle at Dragon Isle.

34.10.24  Twyl in the Crystal’s possession, must be killed and thus released.

34.10.25  Adventurer’s get the crystals mind off dragons.

34.10.28  Crystal Shard is retrieved from Ferryton.


35.01.06  Billy goes to Phantom Ring for trainging.

35.01.14  Litch Royce’s tunnels under town discovered and explored.

35.01.18  Crystal castle is undone from the Dragon isle

35.01.25  Coral lays a clutch

35.01.30  Mayhemanti is nervous about Josh’s closeting (“Jitters”)

35.01.31  Josh makes Master

35.02.13  Book of 300 Ghouls taken to Rabon.

35.03.24  The Crystal of Reality ‘dies’ from a Finger of Death (herself), Remains to the Creator.

35.03.31  Year in the Fairy Realm - Josh, Doc, Enjis, Seth, Dora, Hemlock  (“Threads of Magic” DF #4)

35.03.32  Vastar goes over Enjis’s project (“Grading”  DF #4)

35.04.32  Doc, Hubey and Orlando play a ‘joke’ on Dora, involving her husband and a sex-swap

35.04.33  Vastar gives Dora a week to avenge herself since she feels so strongly about the joke.

35.05.03  Vastar sends Dora to bring Kathanados’s (the Phoenix) heart.

35.05.07  Dora dies at her Master’s hands.

35.05.10  Jheriko pledges himself to Swabash

35.05.14  Zintriny and Vastar exchange viewpoints on Dora’s death.  Vastar walks with a cane.(DT101)

35.05.25  Hatching of Coral & Karrac’s clutch. (DT 101)

35.05.38  Tree of Scrolls found.

35.01.04  Billy returns to Thark.

35.06.17  Master Thaylor retires from the Magic University.  (DT 101)

35.06.20  New Masters come to the University as the old ones leave.

35.06.22  Vampire will release his promised bride, if the ‘keys’ to his imprisonment are given him.

35.06.29  Peg gets himself apprenticed to Master Josh.

35.07.18  Dwarves contact adventurers to rid their gold mine of a demon.

35.07.23  Sea Hag comes after Peg, and Josh saves him.

35.08.07  Sepica’s time travel mystery for the ghost to rest, a vampire’s Manorhouse.

35.08.30  Silk is left in Vastar & Albin’s summoning circle.

35.09.13  Swabash goes boom, splintering into pieces.

35.09.22  Marvin Bloodstone makes Master Sergeant

35.10.10  Island of the Wild Giants and their Mage King - questing with Captain Roberts.

35.10.16  Island of the Harpies and their black Zintriny - Captain Roberts

35.10.20  Hunting the World’s Greatest Kracken - Captain Roberts

35.10.25  The Ghost ship is assaulted.  (“The Ghost”)

35.10.37  Tryth’s soul is re-taken from The Ghost’s Sailmaker.  The Sail Maker is ‘rescued’.

36.01.07  Connachie stays with Captain Roberts and goes to Kalimar to meet his Muireann (“A Courtship.. of sorts”)

36.01.14  Thaylor decided to sell the Magic shop

36.01.30  Ryton magical Paintpots, with the wishing stalagtites

36.01.33  Orlando & Obsidian are commanded to prove themselves worth of journeymanship.

36.02.11  Jerry is appointed Creatorian Church Archivist

36.02.37  Baby Phoenix is trapped under a stone.  A party containing a dragonrider and Kerris frees her.

36.03.03  Birth of Tambora and Elistar to Mayhemanti and Trivanna  (DT 102)

36.03.13  Billy is promoted to High Cleric of Air.

36.03.27  Marvin commanded to catch Tober Berryleaf.

36.03.34  Connachie, Murieann and her little ones return to Thark

36.04.10  Bubbles gets into the Berryleaf Handful.

36.04.21  Fairy Pinball machines stealing kids.

36.04.32  Khatoul jailed.

36.04.24  Temp Berryleaf starts dating Tollers.

36.04.40  Ivory is seen with a dragon egg.

36.05.06  Eol officially is added to the Berryleaf Handful.

36.05.18  Jandari buys the Magic Shop (DT 102)

36.05.25  Karrac throws a hatching day party for his children.

36.05.31  Orlando and Obsidian find Journeyman Hubey

36.06.03  Denver breaks off her relationship with Mykal (“Political Heartaches” DF #4)

36.06.27  Vastar gets out of enchanting rooms, promotes Orlando & Obsidian.

36.06.29  Kernite is kidnaped (“Hatchling” DF #4)

36.07.03  A trip to the fairy realms to barter for fairy wines.

36.07.07  Mayhemanti has a presentation party for his twins (DT 102)

36.07.11  Pellentar’s need to inoculate his younger self takes people to Thark’s future.

36.07.12  Hanna learns her Masters’ instructions are not to be taken lightly.

36.07.18  Ryton’s send people back to the second age for old equipment he wants.

36.07.20  Twyl confronts Venom over Hemlock  (“Encounter in the Dark” DT #4)

36.07.21  Rabon fears a repeat of the past and the ghost of Robnik (“Echoes of Robnik” DF #4)

36.07.24  Thaylor dies (“It’s Time” DF #4 & DT 103)

36.07.29  Russ ‘cheers up’ Timbol with Bears company

36.07.36  Tolkien chooses to change his life.  (“To Rest” DF #4)

36.07.37  Thaylor’s funeral and reading of his will.  Gary is left to Mayhemanti.  (DT 103)

36.07.38  Hollowmass spirits try to take flesh by kidnaping the town’s high clerics! 

36.07.39  Silk spends her second night at Tegel for her parents pledge

36.07.40  Pam & Barb.  Mayhemanti gets depressed over not having a goal (“Hollowmass Birthday”)

36.08.01  Wok, the first mant to pledge himself toward Swabashian paladinship befriends Jerico

36.08.03  An island is build for Tolkien who moves his tower there.

36.08.10  Captain Roberts selling Magic items from his ship, the Black Widow.  (DT 104)

36.08.12  Chaft is absorbed into a Living Wall.

36.08.14  Kellar buys Thaylor’s house from Timbol.

36.08.17  Lilandra, Jade and Jandari visit Cpt Roberts.

36.08.19  Timbol leaves Thark to wander.

36.08.20  Tryth and Luther visit Cpt Roberts.

36.08.25  Rock pledges his actions to Twyl as Order.

36.08.28  Conache, Gar and Pam are hired to work on Tegel Manor

36.08.32  Mayhemanti gets the University to allow journeyman desks.  (DT 106)

36.08.34  Hubey returns to Thark (DT 106)

36.09.01  Sheer is pregnant! (DT 106)

36.09.09  Jandari takes a knot at the Magic University

36.09.12  Tren’s Hollow crystal quest

36.09.16  Russ gets Mayhemanti to work on a new food source for Pheonix

36.09.24  Kathanodos allows his youngest, Josicanna, to go to Thark for research

36.09.27  Salinarus, an anchient red dragon is killed.  Meat source for Josicanna’s stay.

36.09.30  Kernite and Josicanna exchange viewpoints.  Kernite lays down some rules to make them both more comfortable.

36.09.32  Connachie and Murieann get married

36.10.02  Pam and Hanna take Pellentar out for his birthday

36.10.09  Wok’s Phraint hive mission

36.10.25  Josicanna spends the High Days with Twyl

36.10.27  Rescue of the Spirit of High Days

36.10.30  High Days Party at Mayhem mannor (DT 107)


37.01.01  Jandari’s 50,000 Birthday party begins!

37.01.02  Goblin tower found leaking through the dimentions.  Rescue lost children.  Tandar, Rumpletweezer, and Connachie adopt

37.01.03  Denver gives Jandari the chance to rename his city.  He does - Calenmir (DT 109)

37.01.05  Fortress of time, the first exploration doesn’t get very far

37.01.06  Tolkien vs Jandari in a Magic duel.  Jandari wins

37.01.07  Zintriny vs Jandari in a joust.  Zintriny wins.

37.01.08  Walk backwards in time to Jandari’s past (“Jandari’s Present Past”)

37.01.22  After Drem’s Master’s Closeting, Russ thinks of Grand Master status (“Closeting”)

37.01.27  Connachie and Gar buy a home near Josh & Doc

37.01.34  Hanna and Earthbloods buy a home near Berryleafs

37.02.01  Vetter Mannor’s well and the undead gem

37.02.15  Toller’s is pregnant with Temp’s child (DT 109)

37.02.28  Tolkien agrees to the idea of a Grand Master rank

37.02.33  Ghost (an albino black Zintriny) arrives in Thark, and mistakenly sends people to the Abyss

37.02.34  Hemlock hosts a dinner for people to talk with her older brother, Ghost

37.02.35  Pellentar starts speaking in full sentances

37.02.07  Jenny Greenteeth alchemical quest

37.03.13  Grand Master rank is begun, first awarded to Jandari, then Tolkien (DT 110)

37.03.20  Ghost has a tea to discuss his split personality problem

37.03.22  Spinal strike encountered

37.03.25  Sandy’s faerie Relm trip for enchanting with Vastar, Josh, Tren, Limrick, Enjis & Sytin (DT 110)

37.03.27  Scorpion Orchids needed to stablize Ghost

37.03.36  The body of Jadec (the Rat) found and returned to Thark (DT 110)

37.04.03  Oakhoof promoted within the Creator church, goes to Phantom Ring (DT 111)

37.04.05  Hemlock arrested for the death of Master Jadec (DT 111)

37.04.07  Karavel’s farmers are turned into beastmen by Mages

37.04.12  Temp and Tollers are married (DT 110)

37.04.19  Magical storm, Jenler the Mad spotted (DT 111)

37.04.26  Softball game - mages vs clerics.  Mages win. (DT 111)

37.04.31  Karvel’s farmers turned into beast men by mages wishing discredit the Master reputation

37.04.37  Beholder’s attack the Magic University, attracked by some planted device

37.05.03  Farmer’s wife tricks party and gives them to un-knotted journeyman, Carver

37.05.10  Island of kick-ass swords is visted, thanks to Captain Roberts

37.05.17  Titterbee appointed as Creatorian High Cleric of Thark

37.06.20  Mayhemanti is killed by Ghost (DT 113)

37.06.21  Russ finds out Ghost’s demonside is controlled by a journeyman seeking title (Last Rites)

37.06.22  Hunting Dazor for the return of Mayhemanti’s soul

37.06.24  Mayhemanti is alive again

37.06.29  Doc killed at Antwon’s door

37.06.31  The Traditional Masters have a meeting in no-where (No-Where and Beyond)

37.07.01  Doc returns from the dead just to tell of Mayhemanti

37.07.14  Basalt dies

37.07.18  Ghost leaves Thark to return to the Black Zintriny Realm

37.08.17  No-Where room is given to Jandari

37.08.22  Sheer gives birth to triplets

37.08.38  Imortality Quest, the trapped pheonix fountain

37.09.24  Thunderstone dwarvin unrest against unfair taxation

37.10.11  Lady Silk’s first romance novel is a smash hit

37.10.28  Party for all the Mages at Mayhemannor, birth of Connachie’s girl

38.01.12  Darkwing inherits Ashton Curston’s mannorhouse

38.01.27  Master Gurth buys truegold from Orlando

38.01.30  Orlando arranges to spend a year in study under Gurth in the Black Zintriny Realms

38.02.03  Thunderstone declares it’s independence from Mt. Drinel (DT 116)

38.02.27  Kerris meets up with Kenandra again

38.03.08  Mt. Drinel demands Thunderstone return to the fold

38.03.22  Aborted trip to the Deathlands

38.03.36  Callingcards bring an adventuring group to the Ice Wastes

38.04.11  Thark’s dwarves are worried at the strained relations.  Unrest

38.04.15  Lady Silk’s 2nd romance book is a smash

38.04.20  Desert Goblins are caught in mercinary orc movement

38.04.21  Desert spirit enrolled in the Mill’s Storymaster’s Chapter

38.05.07  Birth of Sareena, Temp & Toller’s girl

38.05.20  Jandari takes 2 apprentices

38.05.23  Josh passes his Master’s test, finds the secret of the Black Zintinry and stays

38.05.35  Declaration of War between Dwarvin states

38.06.07  Gary buys Josh’s home

38.06.13  Journeyman Hamilton hires a party to beat unethical adventurer’s to treasure.  Ha-ha, you winies

38.06.28  Bull of time found

38.06.40  Lady Silk’s 3rd Romance book, with Thyamin on the cover

38.07.02  Jandari begins having monthly family dinners at his home

38.07.21  Fover moves in with Gary

38.07.24  Timbol’s death.

38.08.07  The rescue of Tolkien’s stolin personailty

38.08.19  Pellentar kidnapped into Darkwing’s manorhouse, party rescues

38.08.32  Pay-check stub riddle adventure

38.09.07  Swabashian rumble

38.09.13  Deri captured by trolls and Goblins

38.09.28  Lady Silk’s 4th Romance book, with Gurth?

38.09.31  Mercinaries, headed for the dwarvin war site, stealing kids for their personal slaves

38.10.06  No-Where Questing

38.10.11  Albin’s demon in a sword, meet Hard-as-Nails, Klaus’s cousin

38.10.27  Dwarvin token taken into war zone for the Earth Mother

38.10.28  Oabe apprenticed to Kraven


39.01.01  Vastar attempts to recover a magical tome, but is unsucessful

39.01.15  Mearing is hired to run the Magic Shop in Thark

39.01.30  Orlando returns from his year with Master Gurth

39.02.22  Alien’s discovered in the No-Where Realm

39.03.13  Golden stag loosened to help churches

39.03.19  Eddie’s testing for undead champions

39.03.27  Bivin apprenticed to Tolkien

39.03.35  Lord Rabon Tegel proposes to Pam (DT 118)

39.03.40  Tober Berryleaf disappears

39.04.07  Lone egg found in no-where hatches unharmed

39.04.11  Dragons take Thunderstone & Drinel (DT 118)

39.04.14  Surviving dwarves come to Thark

39.04.16  Fantastic Animal shop burned down (DT 118)

39.04.19  Adventurer’s hired to recover some token of the Royal Thunderstone line

39.04.30  Karrac brings an iceberg to Thark to give relief from the heat (DT 119)

39.04.32  Tolkien finds Tober imprisoned in a theif-proof system

39.04.36  Elves send relief for the Dwarvin refugees (DT 119)

39.04.39  Dwaves throwing rocks at Russ’s home geas to do the Hanna appreciation dance

39.05.03  Candet sends Dragon hunters to Thunderstone (DT 119)

39.05.17  Rangers of a unicorn wood recruit help for Mad dwarves

39.05.21  Mearing has Derry over for tea

39.05.29  Sepica has Vampire troubles

39.05.36  Unresting baby spirits need experiences of this world before passing into the next

39.06.04  Clutch of dragon eggs on the sands (DT 120)

39.06.08  Pam & Rabon Marry (DT 121)

39.06.17  Luther arranges another softball game

39.06.20  Vastar has a ‘party’ for Twyl (DT 120)

39.06.21  Master’s Closeting to restart (DT 120)

39.06.24  Ryton to have a gallery show of his paintings (DT 120)

39.07.02  Silk’s New book hits the stands. (DT 121)

39.07.05  x-throated body mysteriously appears in town (DT 122)

39.07.06  Harvests are thin due to the war and other factors.  Food promises to be short (DT 121)

39.07.13  another x-throated body (DT 123)

39.07.19  Work begins on a cavern to house the refugee dwarves (DT 123)

39.07.20  x-throated body - obviously a serial killer in Thark

39.07.22  Kraven goes to the Mill, suspicious of another Mill Master in town (DT 123)

39.07.24  Loki goes to Sepica for an inherited staff with strings attached to backyard crypt

39.07.33  Pam finds she is pregnant

39.07.36  Karrac & Jandari bring boiled Giant Crab to Thark. (DT 124)

39.07.37  Hamilton, Tahir’s Journeyman, arrested for x-throated murders (DT 124)

39.07.38  Demon fortress comes to make ‘spirits’ on the Hollowmass

39.08.02  Food riot, when scare indicates some people may starve this winter

39.08.04  Dragonhunters from Candet come to Thark on their way to Thunderstone (DT 125)

39.08.10  x-throated body found, Hamilton released (DT 126)

39.08.18  Food is becoming very scarce. (DT 126)

39.08.30  x-throated body

39.08.32  Home buyer finds secret mage basement inside her home, adventurers investigate

39.08.37  x-throated body

39.09.14  x-throated body

39.09.19  Woofer’s annual winter Beach Party (DT 127)

39.09.23  James, Zane’s journeyman, and the Candet calling cards

39.09.25  Chaft gets rich (DT 127)

39.09.31  Dragonhunter’s return to Thark, successful (DT 126)

39.09.34  x-throated body (DT 128)

39.10.06  Silkworm plantation is haunted

39.10.10  Hatching of Tourmaline’s clutch & Kathanodos’s chick at same moment, Pam & Don arrive

39.10.11  x-throated body

39.10.12  Dragonhunters found dead on way back to Candet (DT 128)

39.10.18  Karrac kills Josicanna’s twin sister (“Ice” DF#5)

39.10.23  x-throated body

39.10.26  Vastar finds Tolkien is no longer needing socialization (“A graduation of Sorts” DF #5)

39.10.27  Master Tahir throws a party in No-Where Manor (DT 129)

39.10.29  Oabe’s home established (“Kobold Heaven” -DF #5)

39.10.32  Albin proposes to Savel (“Proposal” -DF #5)

39.10.37  Hanna Posted (“Journeywoman” - DF#5)

40.01.01  Albin’s Firecracker mix-up

40.01.03  x-throated body

40.01.07  Ice Wastes Melt!! (“Ice” -DF#5)

40.01.15  Thilasta moves into Jandari’s place

40.01.23  x-throated body

40.01.34  Serial killer caught, Narwhal rapier making x-throated bodies given to Vastar (DT 130)

40.01.37  Kraven finally returns to Thark, with two wives. (DT 130)

40.02.16  Vastar and Jandari take over the Magic University (Untitled & DT 131)

40.02.19  Ethril found in elvin household, adventurers must remove it.

40.02.20  Captain Roberts captured by Furflung Barge

40.02.24  Sirris, a paper archaeologist, finds someone is trying to kill her

40.02.37  Quest for the No-Where rooms, near Thunderstone

40.03.08  Sirris’ abandoned Gate Keeper temple with secret’s rooms

40.03.15  Captain Roberts is freed (DT 132)

40.03.33  Pam and Rabon worry over the children (“Parental Concerns” DF6)

40.04.07  Thark Docks rebuilt (DT 132)

40.04.15  Birth Pam & Rabon’s Twins, Rosienna and Rabrial Tegel (DT 133)

40.04.19  Sirris reports magic books are missing from University Library

40.04.20  A vampire is almost caught stealing the books

40.04.21  Jandari identifies the vampire as his wife, Ezeria

40.04.29  Mike apologizes to Ryton for first desiring to be a dragonrider

40.04.37  Ezeria takes over the Byranna Clan, becomes Clanmother (DT 132)

40.05.04  Jandari goes to visit his wife, his champions expose her as undead, Keemara kills her (DT 133)

40.05.16  Silbony decides he wants his rider to have a girlfriend

40.05.19  University’s new guidelines are issued (DT 135)

40.05.21  Trivanna apprentices herself to learn a martial art, leaves Thark

40.05.23  Enjis is invited to closet for Mastership, he declines in favor of more research

40.05.28  Chesterfield leads a party to Ice Wastes to recover Mayhemanti’s travel shop

40.05.32  Hanna is recalled from fieldwork

40.05.35  Mayhemanti arranges for a sort of day-care for his children (Untitled)

40.05.37  Religious Caravan on the way to Sepica passes through Thark (DT 134)

40.05.39  Kellar made Tolkien’s youngest journeyman

40.06.03  Don & Silbony have a party, Kernite rises to mate with Opal

40.06.07  Chaft gives a party for his resecuers (DT 134)

40.06.09  Barry, a new alchemist comes to Thark (DT 134, 135)

40.06.18  Books recovered, Vastar rewards with enchanting attention (“Ask Not” DF6, DT 134)

40.06.31  Ferryton infested with Giant Spiders.  Arei apprenticed to Russ.

40.07.01  Jandari’s throws a Clanfather party

40.07.06  Magic U closed for remodeling, Jandari grows a new one with song. (DT 135)

40.07.09  Alchemist Barry gives Thyamin potions to try and win him over.

40.07.18  Gurth sends people to recover blacklight butterflies for university

40.07.24  Oabe, wanting to join the Handful, steals a problem of Vastar’s (“Whose Problem”, DF6)

40.07.26  Kernite clutches eggs

40.07.38  Hollowmass Tainted Mana!

40.07.39  Mayhemanti kills the land after infected people go into Gary’s No-Where Room

40.08.01  Sepica’s Vampire battle begins (DT 136)

40.08.09  Jenler’s treehouse sits on the outskirts of Lacewood (DT 138)

40.08.13  Sepica’s battle with Vampire ends (DT 138)

40.08.15  Phraints in elvin forest begin having trouble with the elves (DT 138)

40.08.17  Swordmaster Idlewild arrives in Thark

40.08.23  Icestorm (DT 138)

40.08.24  Fordor throws himself a birthday party (DT 138)

40.08.25  Master Tahir recovers lost people from Gary’s No-where room

40.08.26  Swabash’s Jungle adventure with the Black Pearls of 10

40.08.32  Moving the Library.  Days of Future Past

40.08.33  Alex free from her curse, thanks to Kevin (DT 139)

40.08.34  Hanna and Hard-as-Nails get married (DT 138 & 139)

40.09.01  Icestorm (DT 139)

40.09.04  Lacewood agate brought back with Jenny’s help.

40.09.12  Daris dies!  Tolkien suspected

40.09.14  Jenny, Jenler’s daughter comes to town (DT 139)

40.09.18  Ethril mine found in Yarg

40.09.26  Daris returned to life once ethril is removed from her system. 

40.09.30  Tober Berryleaf steals the Adventuring Arch!

40.09.33  Enchanting trip to Hence by the Great Lord’s Leave

40.10.07  Drem is found to have killed Daris

40.10.11  Drem searched for down the old road

40.10.13  The Dawn Castle

40.10.17  Fairyrealm Newborns, an attempt to sidetrack Mages

40.10.23  Brewer’s troubles solved, and he names beers for the heros

40.10.27  Kidnapping of Pellentar, Tambora and Elistar.  Klaus is recovered (DT 140)

40.10.34  Struggle of the Rogue Masters (“Verses” DF 6)

40.10.35  Pursue Whoobert to Earth, Disneyworld


41.01.01  Heros return from Earth

41.01.03  Death of Samhael, Thunderstone belongs to Russ, Gary & Mayhemanti (“Thunderstone” DF6)

41.01.05  Darring robberies in Candet

41.01.06  Mayhemanti, Russ & Gary return Thunderstone to the Dwarves (“Land Lords” DF6)

41.01.10  Kraven’s 17 kids are born (“Domina delivers” DF6)

41.01.12  Fillon picked for Candidacy by Kernite

41.01.21  Apprentice Testing room tried for the first time

41.01.23  Don reminds Vastar to punish him, and must fake photo

41.01.29  Ryton sand paintings for eggs

41.01.31  Trivanna gives up her fighting classes and comes home (“untitled”)

41.01.33  Hatching of Kernite & Opals’ clutch

41.01.37  Maindor talks to Mayhemanti about Mitch (“A Sore Subject” DF6)

41.02.01  Thilasta moves out of Gary’s home

41.02.06  Dwarves leave Thark for Thunderstone

41.02.08  Death by Ployester adventure

41.02.10  Dwarves re-enter their home

41.02.29  Tober steals the Great Emerald of The Dream (DT 141)

41.02.36  Don, rider of Tigereye, talks to church about lost emerald

41.02.37  Don gains the lost emerald

41.03.06  Tandar & Tren’s $2,000 a plate dinner (DT 141)

41.03.10  Thunderstone is collapse so the dwarves may start fresh

41.03.13  Library opens in Thark, Kevin made a libraian

41.03.22  Pinball tournament in Magic University (DT 141)

41.03.37  Some of Kraven’s children die (DT 142)

41.04.01  Vastar takes Teek and goes into enchanting rooms

41.04.03  Skunks invade Swabashian church (DT 142)

41.04.07  Vastar grows Teek (“Master/Midwife” DF6)

41.04.11  Tren to lecture in Candet at Alchemy coledge

41.04.14  Mayhemanti gives Kerris the amulet allow Kerris to come back to Thark

41.04.21  Kallimar insect plague averted by harpers

41.04.25  Kraven starts a storyman’s night to pass on tradition and learning to his kids (DT 143)

41.04.27  Mants seal their tunnels (DT 143)

41.04.32  3 toughs show up, and frighten Mearing at the Magic Shop

41.04.34  Mearing talks to Jandari (“Soap” DF6)

41.04.38  Mearing is really upset by these three guys.

41.04.39  Mike interveens, warding off the 3 toughs, who ignore him

41.05.01  Mike faces off the 3 toughs at the Type 5 Tavern, they impress Don.

41.05.02  Mike confronts the guys again, this time Mearing is frightened for them.  Enjis interceeds

41.05.04  Jandari dines with the Byranna Clan

41.05.13  The flu hits thark (DT 144)

41.05.28  Siriss finds a rope trick pocket abandoned in the wood.

41.05.31  Thark plans to re-plumb the sewers

41.06.03  Kerris returns to Thark

41.06.04  Kerris confronts Trill (“Hearts of Fire” DF6)

41.06.06  The Great Alchesmist Recipe and Cook-off - ecstasy cookies (DT 144)

41.06.08  The Juniper sea turns orange (DT 145)

41.06.21  Master Idlewild has a sword show (DT 145)

41.06.25  Save a girl from the Blessing of Throats in the sewer - new Arch secretly found!

41.06.28  Gem flowers picked for Jandari

41.06.30  Petrified Dryad found under the gem flowers

41.06.32  Volcano singing from loss of Dryad

41.06.37  Jandari’s Clanfather Party (DT 145)

41.07.04  Twyl’s Underswater recovery, with the giant squid that killed Mitch

41.07.08  Phantom Ring had Timestorm (DT 146)

41.07.11  Kalimar begins a great dueling week (DT 146)

41.07.22  Founding of Calenmir Party (DT 146)

41.07.24  Remberance of Thaylor gathering at the Magic University (DT 146)

41.07.26  Ghost steals Mitch’s swords (DT 146)

41.08.07  Castle of the Dawn, Thorn is welcomed

41.08.21  Fairy Relms Salt Circle problem

41.09.03  Byvin is sent to build Ice Dome over orc village

41.09.04  Byvin investigates dungeon above the Ice dome

41.09.22  Captain Roberts lost crewmen and the village of clones

41.09.29  Warrick undertakes a goddess quest

41.09.31  Woofer’s beach party (DT 147)

41.10.01  Warrick leaves town

41.10.04  Sea Serpent swallows adventurers

41.10.11  Isle of Kick-Ass swords

41.10.17  Kraven’s kids leave home (DT 148)

41.10.33  Cosmic beings kidnap people to judge DarkFawn against

41.10.37  War breaks out on the Isle of Yellow Men (DT 149)

42.01.03  Gary, Hemlock, Keris, Don and more into Enchanting rooms (DT 150)

42.01.07  Dream clerics report seeming a dream bridge (DT 149)

42.01.13  Asteroid in Ire

42.01.27  Return Lacewood Amber to Lacewood

42.01.34  Limbo adventure

42.02.07  Gikas’s ship and the IDTC

42.02.27  IDTC wants a Phoenix Feather

42.03.12  Griffon’s Erie is diseased

42.03.18  Warrick returns to town

42.04.32  Don & Kerris get out of Enchanting room

42.05.15  Polymere is ‘sold’ to the Interdimentional Trading Company

42.05.17  At the warehouse, Mike is sold with Polymere

42.05.18  Mike gets home, Keemara vs Vastar, Gary out of Enchanting rooms

42.05.19  IDTC Warehouse destroyed

42.05.22  Turned undead, adventurers save a goblin princess

42.05.33  Masters hold Gary & Hemlock true-name meeting

42.06.01  Keemara calls dragonrider attention to the world exploration riddle

42.06.02  Jenny has a Birthday Party for her father, Jenler the mad (DT 151)

42.06.04  Dragonriders talk to Tanaka 

42.06.05  Riders go to the Isle of Yellow Men, and are feasted by Lord Hiro

42.06.06  Riders see the Shellboats and find a coral tower of forgetfulness

42.06.08  Tolkien recovers the coral tower for investigation

42.06.24  Riders talk to Tren who has seen coral like that before

42.06.26  Riders find a coral tower in the Dunmeyer swamp

42.06.34  Vastar gathers information on the World’s riddle 

42.06.37  Tolkien sets the Eld Crystal to find the viens inside the towers

42.07.02  Riders go to the Tri and meet the intelligent animals there

42.07.03  Ryton’s slate patterns and the wild magic

42.07.09  Mayhemanti and Coral poll animals and sea cratures

42.07.22  Master Vastar distributes gathered intelligence

42.07.23  Riders go to the Isle of Colors (picture of flora)

42.07.30  Keemara arranges for a pointer to pick out the special coral

42.07.38  Isle of Colors over Hollowmass

42.08.09  Keemara makes arrangements with Tren for credit for her riders

42.08.16  Albin and Savel Lifemate

42.08.21  Gary and Diamond initially scout the Land of the Phoenix Mt, find hidden magic people

42.08.22  Riders go to the land of the Phoenix Mountain, meet Heesa at the Sea Glass Inn (poem), Erikanon

42.08.34  Captain Roberts is arrested in Thark and promptly escapes (DT 152)

42.09.04  Riders go to the Divided Land, find high tech society and meet Irene

42.09.08  Jandari has a get together for the known world leaders to meet others

42.09.10  Tolkien dissapears, stolen by the water demons (DT 152)

42.09.13  Tolkien recovered

42.09.16  Riders go to the Top of the World (untitled piece for adventure)

42.09.24  Riders go to the Lower Spine of the World, meet stone people, capture water demon

42.09.27  The Water demon tries to escape.  Albin dies.

42.10.06  Riders go to the Land of No Mountains and are attacked by the mage city

42.10.07  Riders return, and go the the greater lacewood-like wood

42.10.08  Vilanee restored from stone, she knows about the wood (untitled)

42.10.23  Gary and Hemlock made Masters (DT 154)

42.10.37  Riders go to the Islands of the Lightning Sea, meet the water people there

42.10.39  The Wylde Magic, haunting Hastor, speaks to Jandari, Gary and Mayhemanti

42.10.40  Mitch gets his swords back


43.01.01  The riders make a quick collection of all the towers, deactivate them, and change the Sea’s Son

43.01.13  Shortridge has trouble with metal ‘undead’ run by kobolds

43.01.22  Heesa goes home, unable to apprentice herself to Gary (DT 155)

43.01.23  Heesa gets adventurers to drive the brigands out of her home

43.01.33  Pacentor claims a spot in the coming magic U. households (“Talk of Households”)

43.02.23  Top of the World - Savage Land

43.03.12  Waterfall city

43.03.24  Virtual Jandari in the computers of the United Isle

43.04.22  Stone people having trouble with a terrible overlord

43.04.24  Meeting with the Stone Overlord

43.04.32  New Overlord put into place

43.06.07  Insect Gate

43.07.17  Choas Tower

43.08.03  Wargs wanting to be un-intelligent again

43.08.12  Fairy children being born as horrors - without a kind nature

43.08.16  Greater Lacewood to recover the Fairy of Belief

43.08.27  Try to retrieve the Fairy of Imagination from Earth

43.08.34  Fairy on the moon

43.09.02  Fairies are returned to the Castle and the fey children restored

44.01.27  Keemara’s soul lost in the afterlife

44.02.19  Phoenix trouble

44.02.34  Brimstones recovered

44.06.03  Tolkien asked adventurers to retrieve a burning cloth

44.06.29  Eddies daughter

44.07.01  Jossicana being sacrificed to a fire cult

44.07.04  More interaction with the fire religion of another continent

44.07.38  Hollowmass pricklepears

44.08.11  Bloodstone’s weyr

44.08.23  Captain Robert’s flying ship

44.09.18  Lost Dragon Egg, mother killed by a pheonix, while Keemara honors the body - party must locate the egg

44.09.31   Ice Fairy sculpture

44.10.16  The haunted Mill apprentice and the untold story

44.10.38  The Seven Tasks of Death for the Phoenix


45.02.12  Ice Mermaids on above Waterfall city have a problem with polution from a dwarvin dig

45.03.26  Paper Archeologist Cirrus’ lead on some lost magic titles

45.04.07  A magical snake falls in love with a goblin lady, and needs help to win her from her father

45.05.18  Thief Farina’s house held magically neutral from another age

45.08.20  Lightning Fairies

45.08.33  Hastur is hunted by an evil cleric

45.10.03  Chaos cult hiding as a love cult in Target

45.10.37  Captain Robert’s crew gone

46.01.23  Jenler’s Fabalo rescure from Thunderstone

46.03.25  Fairy child stolin because of her devil’s orchid like wings

46.04.38  Map to where some no-where rooms are

46.05.14  Branchcove undead

46.05.38  United Isle’s Great Train Wreck


47.03.34  Undersea Volcano

47.03.37 Master Idlewild needs a bit of the east wind

47.04.02  Nowhere rooms under Thark - No Mants

47.05.17  Recovery of the soul of Demiatrus

47.06.13  Chaos sends out a party of adventurers

47.06.27  Demiatrus’ Swamp test

47.07.12  Demiatrus sends party to recover a heart made of death’shead obsidian

47.07.36  Eddie’s Hatching

47.09.01  Adventure to Satan’s Heart

47.09.33  Windigos killing the red men

47.10.06  The Deep’s Quest

47.10.25 The Ghost Ship’s demise

47.10.26  Litch Cherma returns in the belly of the Black Widow

48.01.23  Baltin arranges for a one hour warning against Cherma’s Strike

48.05.38  Save kobold’s girl

48.06.32  Fossilized Phoenix bones with a mind flyer digging out the eyes to make ‘Phoenix Eyes’

48.07.31  Captain Roberts declared a free man in Thark

48.08.18  Master Royce has been feeding on apprentices and people around town, body recovered

48.09.15  Swabash clears town to talk to Demiatrus, everyone to the arch dungeon

48.09.17  Retrieve Tolkien from Arch Dungeon

48.09.31  Cherma in the sewers of Thark

48.10.17  Recover Robert’s Navigator

48.10.19  Roberts battles his twin brother Eric

48.10.22  Isle of Kick-Ass Swords - the Lord of which is a genie boy who is dreaming


49.01.02  Dawn wants the Widow’s house and checks with Mom to see when the widow checks out

49.01.06  Hastur and Dawn accidentally engaged due to the Widow’s confusion

49.01.13  An Enchantment get-a-way

49.01.29  Demiatrus chooses to be a journeyman to come up to the teaching standards of the Magic University

49.01.35 The Widow dies

49.01.36  An old Magical College found in the Ice Wastes

49.02.04  Cerwyn rescued from old College, returns to Callenmir, finds his wife has re-married.

49.02.07  Cerwyn becomes Clanfather, starts to build estate in Thark

49.02.24  Demiatrus sends his 'minions' out to recover part of his soul

49.02.37  Albin & Savel have a daughter

49.03.01  Bloodstone captures Erikanon

49.03.17  Bloodstone kills Erikanon

49.04.05  Fallen Angel from future tries to reach back to end his trouble

49.04.06  Sepica evacuated!  Bloodstone's vampire minions too numerous

49.04.12  Mayhemanti sends adventurers to retrieve a book

49.04.24  Thark's cemeteries are found despoiled

49.04.31  Vastar has some Deathshead Obsidian destroyed

49.05.18  Vampires found in the old Mant caves 

49.05.19  Pellentar killed by the Vampires - Mayhemanti reeks vengeance

49.05.31  Vampires in the sewer

49.05.33  Elder Vampire released to Candet

49.06.02  Anwar's Tower - first assault

49.06.03  Anwar's Tower - through melted door.

49.06.13  Man with a mysterious book encountered

49.06.27  Man captured, Book Golem found!  Doomsday plot stopped

49.07.09  Mayhemanti quietly kills the man responsible for all the trouble

49.08.08  Croninger Estate bought and work started

49.08.26  Fover's lady wants a real job elsewhere, Fover has to choose residences

49.09.08  "Kracken" robs a Xinji ship

49.09.16  Colin's thief band takes a trip to Xinji, cover and pleasure

49.09.24  The Croninger lady Fortune comes to town

49.09.27  Hastur and Dawn go to Mom's for dinner

49.09.31  Garden Party to open Croninger estate

49.10.12  Josicanna gives Navaro food for thought

49.10.24  Unicorns are stealing maids 

49.10.25  Tahir and Hamilton return from No-where

49.10.28  Unicorns fight the water demon, return the maids

49.10.34  Tahir's highdays party, this year at Jandari's

49.10.36  Vastar goes to Xinji to find a mage worthy of the council

49.10.38  Fover and thiefband go to the Colored Isle.

50.01.01  United Isle announces Biff's WoA Contest winner

50.01.07  Master Tolkien lectures in L'salis

50.01.16  Conel & T'jera made journeymen and sent into Lacewood after Daleceena

50.01.19  Thiefband makes a song of a lady of the Colored Isle

50.01.21  Demiatrus, Pacentor and Heesa into Fairy Relms for Master's cramming

50.01.34  Conel & T'jrea return with Dalaceena

50.02.12  power drain found between Lacewood, NoWhere and a third dim

50.02.24  Temple of War reduced to rubble

50.02.29  Pellentar is growing into temporal powers

50.02.32  Ghost buys a business in town

50.02.38  Demiatrus, Pacentor and Heesa become Masters

50.02.39  Hastur's girls raid temple of Undead.

50.03.06  Colin tips Candet's Rumormonger to keep song in use

50.03.21  Apprentice's mis-use weather spells!

50.03.30  Alderly Dwarvin lighthouse is freed from mage Salamader's fatherly wrath

50.03.35  Library Sale for patrons

50.04.04  Baltin becaomes a Paladin

50.04.11  Del and Faltora and the Wine of Forgetfullness

50.05.17  Baltin sends characters to get some chalk 

50.05.33  Kinkenadon white water rafting adventure

50.06.08  Del and Faltora clones

50.07.31  Wraith Roses in Lady Fortune’s yard

50.07.38  attack on Magic University

50.08.13  Wake up all Dead - Cherma still at large


51.03.14  Black Pearl Ticks / Cyyyyotees in Ire

51.03.23 Lymrick forced to go back to Alchemical colledge in Candet

51.03.33 Mayhemanti sends chrs to retrieve old Zinrinty alchemy ladden ship

51.04.03 Swabashian Arch regrown together

51.04.04  Swabashian arch has a dryad

51.05.33 Sea of Experience

51.05.37 Orchid gathering on the colored Isle

51.06.24  Ghost finds out that his family wants to sacrifice him

51.06.25  Keemara is rescued from Cherma

51.06.33  Book Gollum stopped from destorying the world (as it had no more pages to document)

51.07.18  Gurth’s phoenix pear

51.07.34  Cherma’s demise

51.08.15  Lymrick returns to Thark

51.09.32  Fate helps some little dragons be hatched.

52.01.21  Altar stones of Secrets

52.02.08 Oabe rescued

52.03.21  Doc begins to conquer Jira

52.04.35  Keemara Pregnant by Jandari

52.07.22  Trouble in the \Black Zintriny Lands

52.08.05  Mother Earth’s Fortress


52.10.06  Radioactive Thark

52.10.08  Kathanodos rekindles Thark, removes the radioactivity

52.10.09  Gary uses a major wish 


53.01.02  Demons in Ire

53.01.14  Rescue Albin from Demons

53.01.15  Take out the demon tower - recover no-where rooms

53.02.23  Gary and Thilasta Married

53.05.06  Thilasta pregnant

53.09.12  feminist golbin steals away ladies

53.10.10  Birth of Jandari and Keemara’s children - Tamberlain & Amilee

54.01.12  New Swabashian arch grow

54.01.06  Fate’s price for Thark

54.04.12  King Christopher’s castel built away from Thark

54.05.06  City of Haven Founded

54.08.02  Lightning Tree for Royce

54.08.36  Gem man’s lost sister

54.09.11  Party into Death’shead obsidian

54.09.28  The Farnth on Jira


55.02.31  sword part journey

55.03.06  Turn God

55.03.08  Benton Quest engaged at the insistance of his grandmother

55.03.21  Swabashian arch

55.04.08  Sargasso Island adventure

55.04.24  Birth Gary & Thilasta’s boy - Lucien

55.05.03  Tree of scrolls

55.06.03  Parmeala, Benton’s fianace arrives in Thark

55.06.18  Biff Henderson’s Adventure Con 1 - swamped attendance!

55.08.04 Thunderstone Lightning Ale restarted

55.08.17  Life’s Kotfica’s house adventure

55.08.37  Thark’s Dragon eggs

55.09.02  Hunt for the dragon killers

55.09.14  Fire moth crysalisks to keep eggs warm

56.01.08  Hour Glass adventure

56.02.02 Quilting trolls

56.02.08 Agrestalin’s Clutch hatch

56.03.15  Monsters magically ejected from Lacewood

56.05.14  Nautilous demon

56.06.06  into drawing and Xinji

56.07.38  Eddies Hollowmass party

56.08.25 Angel of Peach problems

56.09.11  5 mile tall tower on Farallon


57.02.12  Monsters eat new age retreat

57.02.16  Delver’s Club begun in Thark (Thieves Guild)

57.04.08  Aggrestalin’s dream library

57.04.22  Moonflowers for Trivanna

57.04.29  Hoyer children recovered

57.04.30  orc alchemy treasure

57.04.35  Recover magic tools for Mearing

57.05.08  extra hit points for monsters

57.06.02  Gurth’s quest for petrified phoenix pears

57.06.18  Box ‘o vermin

57.07.32  Dreamscape to recover lost no-where room

57.08.16  Aliens build arch in old stone ring

57.09.11  Island of Kick-Ass swords

58.01.07  Mad Demiatris’ attack on Heaven

58.03.05  Vastar’s personal quest to release from Eddie and go to Tolkien

58.04.11  Swabashian arch

58.05.06  God Tokens

58.08.27  Brownie Bones - are you tall?

58.09.01  Dragon sacrificing cult

58.09.16  Janadri’s fused glass swords

58.09.29  Snow avalanche and UFO


59.01.01  Death killed!

59.01.12  Mayhemanti recovered, Master Vastar restored

59.01.13  Path’s of Creation

59.02.07  Death restored by the Creator

59.03.10  Vastar sends chrs to recover a box from a carved pit.

59.03.23  Sapphire & Ithamer mating flight

59.04.23  Earthquakes under Deriabar - fish eggs from water dimension

59.05.10  Sapphire lays clutch

59.0628  (Jira) Dortenzio’s vinyard (Mage stealing memories to prepair for coming back to life)

59.08.36  Trill gets baby remorhaz hearts in prep for hatchlings

59.08.37  Ithamer’s rider Hammel has a Island intro

59.08.38  Haikimi’s clutch hatch (Sapphire) 

59.09.11  Tren wants freeze bees honey

59.10.09  Berry, an angle of Fate has a dream that Vastar overhears 

59.10.11  Vastar tells Keemara of the dream of chaos heading for DarkFawn

59.10.12  Keemara discovers the comet torn from the eddge of the universe.  Tries to contact Homeplace . 

60.01.38 Twyl’s ship of cursed magic items

60.03.22  Loom recovered from Skull Island to start Fate’s temple in Thark

60.04.40  Swabashian arch

60.05.07  Keemara takes the 5 mile tower to use in space

60.05.08  Uniter Island people made into ‘heros’ - spin thanks to a quick time trip

60.05.09  Tower made space station base to tunnel through Chaos - Twyl’s blood used 

60.05.12  The riders at the edge of the universe are saved from the Chaos side and returned to Order.

60.05.15  Keemara sets Bloodstone to watching the comet’s progress through space


61.01.04  Chaos in Swabashian arch

61.01.06  Chaos in Candet’s temples

61.01.07  Rescue a cleric of Swabash in Candet

61.02.40 Chaos plant in Dunmeyernow

61.03.29 Comet swallows Dark Fawn!  

         Fabric of reality Torn and stitched by Brimstone

         Kathanados saves Keemara - sacrifice

         (See rules of Order Graphic Novel)

61.03.31  explore under shell of the comet

61.03.35  Finding crater in shell

61.04.01  Inside the shell - must find way out

61.04.02  Shell breached - dragonriders see the sun

61.04.11  Spine of the world has a spine shaped column with undead daughter of the comet

61.04.14  makin holes in the shell

61.04.15  Mayhemanti & Kernite used by Magic to maintain the health of the plants of the world

61.04.20  Chaos in Thark’s sewers?

61.04.32  Alchemist appretice Julia’s trip to the Dunmeyer

61.04.36  Meeting at the Adventuerer’s Inn by Keemara

         One Eyed Jack sugests the ‘weapon of Annialation’  a tool of Fate

61.04.37  Keemara finds she no longer has her terror of Phoenix

61.04.40  Talk to Fate, Magic, Death about weapon

61.05.01  figure who to sacrifice to meet spell

61.05.03  Lacewood for spell to make first key to unlock weapon from deathland’s vault 

61.05.14  The riverbed of the TimeStream - 2nd Key

61.05.20  Cutting Columns with Keemara

61.05.31  Hell - first steps

61.05.33  The Garden of Anchient Dis - 3rd Key

61.05.34  Deathland’s Vault for weapon/needle

           The blow struck - Chaos shell annialated!

          Sunlight returns!  World rejoices!

         Mayhemanti retuned from Magic’s spell 

61.05.37  Parties start to wind down

61.06.02  Ire’s farmhouse haunted by traveling spooks

61.06.03  Traveling spooks move to Thark!?

61.06.05  traveling spooks moved to Swabashian Arch

61.06.17  Opal challenged for First title

61.06.21  Tahir re-claims and puts his house in order

61.07.06  Opal’s Feast of the 4 winds - establish court

61.07.24  Far side of Alderly for strange plant root for Mayhemanti

61.08.18  Karrac and Keemara appointed Opal’s advisors.

61.09.04  Keemara & Jandari’s new home start building

61.09.06  Keemara starts sorting Brimstone’s horde

61.09.22  Keris appointed emmissary to the Phoenix flock by the dragon court

62.01.12  Hikimi’s clutch coming into traveling powers

62.01.23  Birth of Jandari & Keemara’s son, Diriel

62.01.20  Gurth’s Engagement

62.01.30  Fate’s temple built in Thark

62.02.15  Gurth’s marriage to Coi

62.02.37  Xinji mages need help resetting magical paint pots on their holy island

62.04.23  Bullies in Branchcove

62.04.25  Alchemist cellar fire

62.05.18  Black Kracken in Furflung

62.06.11  Dwarf girl brought into sourcer’s power via drugs

62.06.26  Sandstorm pentagram

62.07.06  IKAS

62.07.22  Rescue Captain Roberts from Necroplis

62.09.12  Jira Necropolis 

62.09.15  Necropolis Goddess!


63.01.40  Mayhemanti appointed clan mage

63.02.24  Waterspouts in Bonearc

63.03.07  IKAS

63.03.25  Peace Convent in Dwarvin mountains

63.04.19  Monsters called from Lacewood Lord

63.05.12  Cacoon starts gathering it’s heros

63.05.15  Bedrock adventure in past

63.05.24  Cacoon - hang gliding lessons

63.05.36  Cacoon - pathway

63.06.11  Ethril volcano in ice wastes

63.06.25  Monsters’ ordered to kill 6 dwarf kids

63.07.11  Dwarfin band moves to start anew in Farallon

63.08.05 Ethril Volcano has a soul element indicated

63.09.12  Retarded hobbit does not believe in magic or gods

63.09.14  Monsters take swamp temple

63.10.27  Recovery of Brim and Kathanados’ bodies

64.02.02  A port of Hence itself!

64.02.37  Bone Born to Gurth & Coi

64.03.05  Orc plantation outside of Elfin wood

64.03.28  Yarg’s freedom festival - army amassing?

64.03.30  Rescue elvin class from Yarg

64.04.22  Karrak finds ‘man’ who killed him, bathed in heart’s blood - now Darci family cloak

64.04.31  Mayhemanti moves to Callenmir

64.05.03  Gurth’s death - time speeds for Family

64.05.16  Fate’s Temple

64.05.03  Turbulence takes Gurth’s name

64.06.02  Ben hires Shimara as a singer for the Inn

64.06.24  Jandari’s heart to heart with Keemara

64.06.25  Jandari starts tasks that Keemara sets him

64.06.29  Keemara does tasks for Jandari

64.06.31  Keemara and Jandari engaged

64.07.06  Coi and Co/Driven make a family together

64.07.25  Xinji mercury village

64.07.27 Angel cloud (Bree) into orc charge

64.07.29  Mercury temple - one eyed Gog

64.07.32  Dwarf tomb in the way of the charge

64.07.34  The nature of the Elvin Wood changes

64.07.38  Into the woods - Shrift/Vastar and the paper airplane

64.08.01   Vastar sends party to Calenmir under siege

           Shrift meets Denver - and finds her eclipser’s mark

64.08.03  Escape from Calenmir (with Bree)

64.08.06  Desctruction of the Monoliths that contain the wood.  The elves are free.

64.08.17  Golgar begins his menagerie

64.08.34  Swabashian arch - golgar’s kobold servant

64.09.02  IKAS

64.10.10  Gurth raised from dead by Co/Driven

         Gurth makes plain his intent to marry Coi & Co

         Gurth fix time, sees Hemlock and returns to his property

64.10.11  Gurth finds Blasphemy and finds cleric trouble

64.10.12  Gurth beats Turbulence in Master fight

64.10.13  Gurth’s adventure with Keemara

64.10.14  Gurth summons Ancestor, reinstalls the demon and becomes ‘King’ of the Unlit Lands

64.10.37  Hemlock pregnant with Gurth’s child

64.10.40  Spry & Surface Rose back to Unlit lands


65.01.01  Creation’s reflection inside a gem

65.01.14  Tegel Manor for skeleton dust

65.01.19  Thirdblood returned to Gurth’s service

65.02.01  Gurth married to Coi & Co

65.02.13  Ethril ‘s “ice” burg, his attention to Shimara

65.02.38  Kurth causing trouble around the Magic U.

65.03.10  Jandari & Keemara’s Wedding

65.03.29  Sympathetic magic gathered on Shatterday

65.03.33  Master contest, apprentice in amber

65.04.06  Photo troubles, identities stolen

65.04.19  Dwarvin lighthouse needs clearing

65.04.33  Moonbeam ship found

65.05.07  Island is Dragon Turtle

65.05.21  caught between moments - meet Bloodstone

65.05.35  IKAS by Moodbeam

65.05.38  Arch dungeon

65.06.10  Whimsey Tumble - remove whimseys

65.06.22  Lava & Ivory mating flight

65.07.38  Railing against Hallowmass

65.07.39  Save souls from Hallowmass!

65.08.15  Ice monoliths

65.08.38  Eggs laid on DragonIsle

65.09.13  Bloodstone gives Blaze his prophocies

65.09.26  Co gets flowers for Gurth’s Birthday

65.09.40 Speica’s Living Chess match - Apprentice Kurth

65.10.02  Moonbeam ship

65.10.23  Undead timelost Pirates attack town

65.10.37  Phoenix chicks returned to Vonlin

66.03.32  Keemara starts hatching 

66.03.33  Hatching - Domankar's clutch

66.03.34  Time tunnel swallows party returning

66.04.07  Haven gone

66.04.09  Tornado hits Target

66.04.21  Zombies at Tegal need resting

66.05.09  Pie eating contest from Tren

66.05.12  Longfather’s party at Bens

66.05.16  Fires 

66.05.22  Fire in the Unicorn Wood

66.05.37  Fey portal swallows farmgirl

66.06.12  Frost fey captured by Hell Hounds

66.06.34  Art exhibit - Fawnzine #8

66.06.38  Vastar killed and body snatched

66.07.33  Hemlock talks to Gurth 

66.07.38  Hallowmass Gate

66.08.15  Reflection pool - to see within

66.08.18 Burn made Senior Journeyman

66.09.01 Valley of Swabash - adventure for little dragons

66.09.29 Pheonix missing?  Journey to their mountain home

66.09.33 Empty Nest

66.09.34 Talk to Dortenzio about the Black Wood

66.09.35 The Black Wood

66.09.37 To Necropolis for information on Water God who protects the memory of Growing God

66.10.01  Grave robbers for the Necropolis

66.10.04 Remove the Water God’s protection

66.10.16 Into the Power pool left from the Agricultural God

66.10.25 The Bones of the ancient Agricultural God - rebirth

66.10.33 Birth of Ying and Yang, Gurth’s ‘Twins’ 


67.01.24 BlackWood clean up story

67.02.02 Amilee and Bone are ‘engaged’.

67.02.36 Zintriny and Hemlock start on a journey.

67.03.22 Swabashian Arch

67.03.37 Blaise becomes a journeyman

67.04.04 Aryia locates her missing folks.

67.04.21 Tegan comes to town for Fate

67.04.33 The marriage of Bone and Amilee

67.04.36 Fate’s Tapestry for Tegan

67.05.07 War on Xinji

67.05.11 Tegal Manor has partial collapse

67.05.19 Rainbow Butterflies for Lady Fortune, orcs looking for same

67.05.24 Gargoyles in town eating yappy dogs

67.05.39 Pirates raiding Untied Isle

67.06.07 Other dimension scorpion men

67.06.38 Fire and Tren’s

67.07.11 ancient stilt structure found

67.07.12 signs from the Royal Archeologist Society in stilt structure

67.07.13 Breathing Coral Reef

67.07.14 ship in Coral reef, pirates want

67.07.15 6th Element - the girl from the Coral reef ship

67.08.27 Karma Goblins, wanting to turn good - worm farming

67.09.02 Other dimension orc war, magically thrown bathysphere gone wrong.

67.09.08 trip to gather things for Tren

67.09.24 Twyl attacked by Arctheon?

67.09.26 Pyscomantium

67.10.28 Vastar and Blasphemy hook up

68.01.03 Amilee wants to adventure in a cave near town, pre-adventure 

68.01.04 Goblins found in cave, want to attack town

68.01.06 Goblins pre-mark the town for attack

68.01.08 Goblin attack on Thark.

68.02.02 Arctheon adopts a group of fishy friends.

68.03.06 Challenge for the name ‘Brute Force’, Keemara takes Dragon Soul

68.04.12 Under the Island of Kick Ass Swords

68.06.25 A deal with the Devil

68.06.26 The Xinji town free from evil influence

68.08.08 A Prayer Wheel left in the mountain breeze brings undead

68.08.11 To ‘Chicago’ of Alderly to look for Undead Cleric Kozak

68.08.16 Found the Bog of ancient Dragon bone!

68.08.19 Phantom Ring to stop demonworship that drove Kozak’s discovery

68.10.37 Necro alchemist - zombie hunting his own brain


69.01.05 Hall of the Griffon King

69.01.34 Croninger Flower Concert

69.01.38 Swabashian Arch

69.02.01 Temple building for Jiran Agricultral God, Stam

69.02.19 Warder Denowith talks Rabon - two faiths

69.02.23  Necropolis - whale spirits stolen

69.02.26 fishman stealing the whale spirits

69.04.06  Hemlock reports that Zintriny is lost  

       - Reflections on Tivalera

69.04.07  Zintriny recovered, wraith dragon discovered

69.04.11  Wraith dragon killed, grey elves involved.

69.04.14 Bloodstone prophecy - The Awful Truth

69.04.30 Stillborn angel - pocket in space

69.05.05 Runelord Monolith - Jira

69.05.21 The Black Leviathan - Islands Lightning Sea

69.05.27 Crows

69.06.03 Demon sign in the United Isle

69.06.17 Crimson ground and tasty sky deer- Alderly

69.06.39 Cold Pheonix from the Unlit Lands

69.07.06 Bloodstone feeds on Karrac and Jandari

69.07.07 THE AWFUL TRUTH - Bloodstone mad

69.07.11 The sun does not rise - sunship in space

69.07.14 Bloodstone’s Death

69.07.18 Dragon Honoring ceremony done

69.07.26 Opal asks for a token of Bloodstone 4 Keemara

69.09.04 Just a trip to the Swabashian Arch

70.04.22 Smart rats - Fate’s blessing

70.04.38 Litchtree takes castle in search for Royce

70.06.06 Farmer’s Underwater walk-about

70.06.31 Kosak’s stone from Necropolis for prayer wheel

70.07.38 Rabon needs witness to feed the Litchtree

70.07.40 Smart rats find huge creature in Mant caves

70.08.03 Lushia’s summoned creatures in graveyard

70.08.04 Lushia apprenticed to Mayhemanti

70.08.06 Tracking down Lushia’s summoned art projects

70.08.27 Magic’s religion comes to Vastar’s attention

70.08.28 Vastar and Gurth speak with Tolkien

70.08.40 Magic’s Temple established in Thark

70.09.02 Alien collector - collecting people

70.09.25 Grandma Alchemist senile and making creatures

70.10.19 Nowhere room from Swabash

70.10.34 Kobolds declare war on Phoenix

70.10.37 Rescue Kobold kids for One Eyed Jack

70.10.39 IKAS - pirate dream


71.01.02 Swabashian Arch - crayons

71.01.03 Arch crayons - Jain lost to Swabash

71.01.05 Swabashian arch - just because

71.01.08 Rescue Jain from Heaven’s gate

71.01.19 Tornado through town

71.02.03 Burn start investigating Vastar’s silence to Magic

71.02.06 Mayhemanti talks to Burn & Vastar

71.02.10 Eddie grabs Mayhemanti about Vastar

71.02.28 Phoenix / Kobold War

71.03.13 Alkeesha's trapped undead

71.03.15 Ben's 6,000 birthday

71.03.29 Fate Shrouds from Unlit Lands

71.03.34 Shrouds made into coats at Necropolis

71.04.14 To Hence!

71.04.15 Death of the Echo of Master Vastar – Mayhemanti kills Vastar

71.04.19 Skyscar Fixed!

71.05.17 Master Connel, Master Keris, Master Burn

71.06.04 Ulayoth reset

71.06.38 Swabashian Arch

71.07.12 Spice, Keemara's sister comes to Dragon Isle

71.07.23 A Pheonix crashes onto the Necropolis – The Risen

71.07.29 Kathanados meets with the Essary and the Necropolis

71.07.36 Indigo House Soul Swords – Tiverlera

71.08.01 Co's event

71.08.21 United Isle Undead Cult

71.08.37 Bone's name

71.09.24 Jiran transformed dragon

71.09.30 Vastar raised from the Dead, afterlife worries

71.10.14 Blasphemy's pending pregnancy

71.10.38 Jiran North Kingdom King Maker Key

72.01.21 Swabashian arch

72.02.14 Fortress of Time

72.04.07 Ash Phoenix

72.04.31 Afterlife Collapse!

72.04.32 Monoliths and hellspawn invasion, Fate's information

72.04.33 Keemara holds meeting at Ben's

72.04.34 Demon tries to take over Thark

72.04.37 Keemara takes a party to find the Black Zintriny

72.04.39 The Black Zintriny can act as portals to the Collapsed Afterlife

72.05.03  Return of Master Tolkien from the Afterlife

72.05.04 Vastar talks to Twyl in the Afterlife

72.05.05 Angel ousted from the Phoenix Nest

72.05.06 Denowith made Hero Figure on Jira by Kathanados, Dortenzio and Allana

72.05.07 Hand Footed Crows found

72.05.08 Hell's cornerstone

72.05.10  The demon Lord Kraht, bound to guide

72.05.11  Zintriny recognizes the Crows to the Tears of Creation

72.05.14 Rescue of transformed people on Jira from Lord in Heaven Temple in Myth

72.05.16 Death of the Black Krysta in the Afterlife.  The Afterlife restored!

72.05.17  Necropolis re-manifests inside her grounds – sends for Denowith

72.05.40 Denowith returns to Nikki, they hook up

72.06.01 The Essary and Denowith have a run in

72.07.01 The Trial and sentencing of Denowith of Bloodskull Tower

72.07.09 Conjoined twins separated by Denowith

72.08.01 Denowith starts a monthly party for the Necropolis to interact with the Crafters of Nook.

72.08.28 Thark adventurers are a room in the Swabashian Arch


73.01.08 Xinji haunted wood swordsmith

73.01.20 Wild Magic's fey incarnation taken to Kinkenadon

73.02.03 Tren needs grave plants from the Necropolis

73.02.07 Guttertang - the city of bio-luminescent goblins

73.02.19 Steve reports Droom to Jandari for non-customer service

73.02.20 Jandari tells Vastar about Droom

73.02.21 Vastar demotes Droom to apprentice

73.02.28 Droom brought to Master's closeting about his situation

73.02.29 Droom made Journeyman again

73.02.35 Mayhemanti and Droom talk

73.02.36 Master's discussion of Specialization within a Magic society

73.04.08 Essary sends Denowith into the interior of the Necropolis

73.04.29 Swabashian Arch

73.05.08 Essary sends Denowith off again

73.05.12 Demiatrus' stored dream of magic

73.05.17 Lacewood Dryad to the Magic University

73.06.04 Swabashian arch – high level

73.06.08 Denowith sent off again

73.06.30 Maxim & Zara's Wedding

73.06.34 Morwyn and Sand Chi dating

73.07.08 Denowith is getting tiered of this

73.07.09 Desert Cacoons

73.07.12 Denowith and Hayden return to Hayden's home from brother's death

73.07.23 Tree's grave

73.07.28 Denowith returns to Essary and presents a map of the undead in Necropolis

73.07.35 Jandari and Keemara work on her fear with Kathanados

73.08.05 The Last BoneGaurd found in Lacewood

73.08.19 Arctheon eats one of his fish by mistake

73.08.22 Undead tree in Chika

73.08.24 Arctheon talks to Master Vastar

73.08.37 Afterlife Tidal Wave, found one of Life's workers

73.08.38 Afterlife Giant wooden dragon egg.  Met Treeandos

73.09.01 Twyl's aftermath with Forces at Vastar's house

73.09.05 Swabashian Arch

73.09.19 Alanna and Morwyn wonder if they need a third

73.09.23 IKAS

73.09.26 Crows excursion to collect Thark related stuff

73.09.31 Mayhemanti and Kernite go to Indigo house on Tivelera

73.10.04 Tolkien's strange armor

73.10.18 Spice Loves Zintriny73.10.35 Del's Fairy Tale Ending

74.01.02 Pellentar apprenticed to Master Gurth

74.01.14 Captain Robert's last voyage to IKAS

74.01.38 Trouble in No-where

74.02.17 Scott starts coming to 7th day cards regularly

74.02.36 A world serpent, cutting the world in two!  Xinji blown up!

74.02.39 Xinji restored via Emperor's Genie, Jain & Steve's bond broken!

74.02.40 Steve starts at the temple in Thark

74.03.01 Keemara changes Jain's short name to Alandar

74.03.02 Opal explains the death of the kid who called the world serpent

74.03.05 Spriggans on the road to Callenmir

74.03.08 Emperor's party for the saviors of the world, household granted

74.03.09 Genie traps Steve in his mind in hopes of Jain coming to re-join, Alandar does not

74.04.01 The Necropolis manifests as a guy at the monthly party

74.04.14 Blasphemy's daughter Grace is born

74.05.01 Nikki manifests as a dog, Ghost dog in Necropolis

74.05.02 Keemara finds that Spice is pregnant – Zintriny will stand at 'father'.

74.05.16 Shaman Felix needs a tiki fire spirit to bind to his pot

74.05.20 Spice's eggs might not be infertile

74.05.23 Shaman Felix needs prickle pears to begin to spice his pot

74.05.38 Reed's lair, Vastar's apprentice Spider centaur

74.06.04 Reed needs Gurth's shadow

74.06.06 Spice's eggs are fertile

74.06.09 Zintriny takes Spice 'pickles and ice cream'

74.06.21 Fire in Thark during Jandari's story night, Temple burglerized, Steve's body stolen

74.06.25 Death of Steve

74.06.39 Egg Laying on Mal'Covia and Dragon Isle

74.06.40 Accounting of the clutch, 12 eggs total of various sizes

74.07.08 Dagmar's Master Alchemist assault

74.07.12 Ethril talks to Keemara about his bond.  Crows on Eggs

74.08.16 Leth's Death

74.08.32 Dragontree for a gift

74.08.38 Wack the nuclear device

74.09.27 Alternate DarkFawn invoked by Hemlock, Candidates save

74.10.04 Little three eggs viable, Dortenzio gets invited

74.10.05 Hatching – Clove's Clutch

74.10.12 Ice Wastes – Coelocanth

74.10.23 Denowith's gathering of the sheaves spell on mining accident

74.10.38 Hemlock's Crazy!  Her Master's household


75.01.01 Death warrant signed for Hemlock

75.01.02 Hemlock at the Sea Glass Inn, her death.

75.02.08 Swabash's dragon hatchling adventurer's

75.02.39 Unlit lands undead encounter

75.03.04 Reed's lost spider centaur children

75.03.05 rescue of children, explore other space

75.03.06 Spider Sultan

75.04.22 soul daggers makin' monsters in the barn

75.05.05 Death of Master Russ, rekindle other world

75.05.22 Asp takes away Hemlock's girl's from Gurth

75.05.23 Gurth Kills Trouble-shooter

75.05.26 Gurth adopts girls as his own

75.06.06 Biters

75.06.12 Tren retires

75.06.20 New cook for the Dragon Isle

75.06.28 Lost Monistary on Tivalera

75.07.02 Swabashian arch

75.07.14 Co teaching the girls how to lie

75.07.17 Unlit lands

75.08.15 Rabon asks permission to see undead in unlit lands

75.08.18 Island of Kick Ass Swords

75.08.33 Jiran Land Mage - ruining land

75.09.06 Cabar dungeon

75.09.32 Construct animated by his love's blood

76.02.01 Bimberly for the 6th Element

76.02.10 arch

76.02.22 Eddie wants Rabon back

76.02.25 Rabon in lands lower then the unlit lands, gem people and undead

76.08.18 Denver is on Jandari's case

76.08.33 Tivalera trash dump archaeologist - Soul Forged

76.08.34 Pocket Dimension - Trash Heap

76.08.35 Zintriny meets the Trash Heap - lost souls

76.08.37 Fallen Angels and Dead Dragon King

76.08.39 Thunder found!  Branchcove slaughtered

76.09.02 Arctheon wants to help

76.09.04 Dragon Tribute for First Thunder.  Co taken as Tribute

76.09.07 Empty angel Prison, bones of Dragon Queen and Dead Dragon Eggs

76.09.11 Clerics of the Angels in prison sent in to help the  neutral angels leave 

76.09.15 Black Zintriny set up as watchers in important places

76.09.16 Keemara goes to see Thunder, check on Co - Jandari worries about loosing her.

76.09.19 Diamond worried about her Father, leaves a gift for Fate

76.09.22 Rescue Crows - meet Jamaerah, Swabashian angel  

76.09.27 Jam sneaks into Thark to see Saikai

76.09.31 Finding Endic, his healing and joining the group 

76.09.35 angel of learning trying to help, leaves alchemy notes on magic university roof

76.09.38 Angels lock up people they feel are dangerous

76.10.02 angel killing swords claimed by thieves and mages 

76.10.03 Mana Curse in Candet - alchemical in nature - Tren and Lymrick

76.10.06 Getting people out of Prison, Ethril - going to 'hide' in the Necropolis

76.10.08 alchemists on the mana curse, helped by Supreeme Kajas Gans (Undead)

76.10.10 Tackle Bear angel

76.10.11 Candet's magic curse discovered, enemies attack

76.10.15 North & Summer angels

76.10.18 rescue of Co

76.10.22 Council of action - King, Fallen, Mana

76.10.24 Raise Laedalice, Thunder's End game, clearing out the angels and sending them home

76.10.26 Branchcove rescue

76.10.28 Thunder and Laedalice's eggs on the Sands


77.01.01 Swabash's arch - trapped elementals

77.01.03 Keemara makes a sculpture egg to represent Brimstone at his clutch

77.01.06 Candidate talk with Thunder

77.02.28 Farallon's Lost Dwarvin Kingdom - made animal

77.02.34 Citrine - animal

77.03.22 Kosack's lost Prayer wheel, mountain top ship's graveyard

77.03.24 Thunder's FurFlung party - music eggs

77.03.25 Leathery egg splits, needs plaster

77.03.35 Killing orcs

77.04.03 Croninger Garden Trail

77.04.20 Tegan wants narwhale bones for path stones, Ice Wastes

77.04.39 Laedalice & Thunder tell their impression story

77.05.01 Denowith's Litch Lady

77.05.17 Wishbone for Brimstone's egg

77.05.30 Candidate, candidates, candidates

77.05.40 Hatching - Brimstone's clutch

77.06.17 swabashian arch

77.06.35 House Verde - baby masks

77.07.11 Dryad room in Tahir's household

77.07.24 Rabon sends coins to Charon

77.07.29 Swabash & Dingos

77.08.06 tree frogs

77.08.23 Denowith encounters pirates 

77.08 27 Under the Great Alderly waterfall

77.08.35 Denowith makes Tierra - will no longer obey Avedon

77.08.39 Denowith re-unites family

77.09.03 Denowith homeward bound - finds transformed

77.09.16 False Angel in Target

77.09.22 Droom and the Magic Shop

77.09.35 Necropolis dragon hatchling party

77.10.08 Thunder finds Rabon

78.01.01 Brimstone's first flight

78.01.23 Dunmeyer crop circles

78.01.35 Gurth and Spider Centaurs

78.02.07 dimentional crop circles

78.02.10 Warrick and Jag wonder over holy box found in crop circles

78.02.22 Spice & Zintriny... Dating?

78.02.24 demon prison - Endic

78.02.28 The reflection of the demon flood city of Simiral

78.02.31 fey riddles/test - 

78.02.32 Raven's loss

78.02.36 River of Time 

78.03.39 Swabashian Arch 

78.04.24 Brimstone looking for a new home

78.04.38 Lost Kingdom airmachines  

78.05.02 Avedon resigns as Essary

78.05.15 Lost Kingdom Map room

78.05.37 Monster Petoski

78.06.12 Fate & Swabash (second edition)

78.06.15 Fate tells Keemara to take some people along

78.06.19 Start of Farallon 

78.06.31 Jandari & Croninger build Farallon Lodge

78.07.08 Dragon turtles talk

78.07.23 The triangle of Despair

78.08.15 Survivalist hide-a-way

78.08.27 Nook is 'cleared' by Southern King

78.08.22 Magical Walls  

78.08.29 Pink Hunt

78.09.04 Farallon Landspirits

78.09.12 Death comes to see Vastar about Twyl

78.09.16 Final freeing of Farallon 

78.09.27 Dinner with Death

78.10.09 Fishman summon god from another world

78.10.21 Scroll flower

78.10.39 Combine-o-matic


79.01.30 Dunmeyer Vampire,  Bordine

79.01.33 Creature in Dunmeyer's Empty Hut

79.01.34 Chicken shack BillyChild Voodoo Priest choosen

79.02.25 Thark's little life's well

79.02.32 Wellspring of Life - The pony of Pestilence

79.02.36 Headless profit in Phantom Ring

79.02.40 Fortress of Time - there's a band stealing the Apocalypse's weapons

79.03.02 Deathlands - the band is out to try and kill Death

79.03.03 The Manifested Aspect of Death Killed!  Twyl becomes Death

79.03.04 Freyr pledges to Death

79.03.19 Vastar returns from Deathlands

79.03.25 Keemara appointed elvin ambassador

79.03.27 Keemara & family goes to Jira and recognizes the elvin kingdom there on behalf of Dragon Throne

79.04.11 Olin and Allana are married

79.04.14 Fight at TempleGate - start of the War of the Risen

79.04.17 Allana captured by the Southern King, swept off on ship

79.04.18 Morwyn,Tremulite and Olin save Allana

79.04.21 Keemara dents the Necropolis Great Wall, Denowith repairs

79.04.26 Morwyn and Allana save the trees and animals - becoming champions of the land

79.04.27 Reinforcements come from many places on Jira

79.04.39 Templegate taken

79.04.40 Battle for the Quarry

79.05.01 Olin re-takes Templegate

79.05.08 Battle of Blood - Quarry falls and Olin taken hostage

79.05.13 Olin freed, Master Dortenzio brings help

79.05.15 Mistake by the Lake, Fate wants girl saved

79.05.22 Quarry re-taken, Denowith offers to hold land while looking for lost dead in tunnels

79.05.29 Morwyn captured

79.05.31 Morwyn freed with the help of foxes

79.05.36 South King's white flag at Quarry is a trick 

79.06.01 Olin calls for Kathanados to come to Raise the Dead - an amazing thing to Jirans

79.06.07 The Epic Battle of the Royals

79.06.12 The Challenge over the Border - 2 champions fight King Olin

79.06.18 Alchemy Coach in Thark

79.06.26 Drawing the Line at Jadas, the border drawn

79.06.23 Quarry attack - Denowith plays paranoid and defends

79.06.23 The Battle across the River, Jadas attack

79.07.04 The South King's troops fall back toward Dorverden point

79.07.06 Battle of the Point

79.07.09 Declaration of the Kingdom, South King's Death

79.07.10 The establishment of the Kingdom of Orthandel

79.07.23 Puppet owlbear

79.07.38 Hallowmass Scientist 

79.08.04 Story King/HuntBog

79.0815 Korilmax begins remaiking Jain

79.09.06 Rainbow Road

79.09.12 Undead Jain

79.09.15 Jain attacks Infinity Ball on Xinji

79.09.17 Keemara kills Jainallendar

79.09.19 Ellie leaves her husband, and confess her love for Croninger

79.09.23 Keemara kills Korilmax

79.09.35 Bedtime for Mummy

79.09.39 Eddie places the Ghost of Korilmax with Rabon - to learn

79.10.08 Oger 

79.10.12 Outsiders

79.10.14 Robert begins work on Master's project

80.01.15 Ambassador Keemara moves to Xinji Elvin Court

80.01.27 Twyl starts coming to Dinner at Vastar's home

80.01.33  Zintriny's picnic with Spice

80.01.36 Trivanna's emotional fears

80.02.15 Reed's slavery issues

80.02.20 Korilmax fades

80.03.18 Ellie has a dream about Croninger being lost again and runs to wake him

80.03.23 Keemara & Brimstone's trip to the Alchemical College

80.04.05 Denowith's start with a graverobber cult / religion

80.04.20 Co's plan to look into Spider Centaurs - slave again

80.04.23 Co at Spider Centaur city - the songs 

80.05.07 Denowith making investigations about graverobber cult/religion

80.05.12 Co returns to his home - discovers he is not married to Gurth

80.06.04 Co buys his freedom

80.06.07 Gurth & Co re-marry

80.06.09 Pre Point of the Dagger

80.06.11 The Slice - Thark attacked

80.06.15 Choke Maw Tower

80.06.20 Exploring - Riding the Slice - Getting to Norlyn

80.06.23 Finding the Master

80.06.27 The Cutting Edge

80.06.39 Bob finds a gate near his property on Xinji Swabashian Arch

80.07.01 The Addicted Army - fighting the Cutting Edge

80.07.04 Elistar makes contact with Eldland

80.07.37 Off to the Graveyard

80.07.38 The Portal to Hallowmas Night

80.07.39 SliceLord of the graveyard

80.08.15 Little Steps - other people in The Daggerlands

80.08.28 The party leaves to seek the Red Duke

80.09.03 A walled city, Tranla, is reached - and the party is welcomed

80.09.04 Steward Elur talks to the group - Seeing Red - sends them to seek

80.09.07 Boat with Duke's granddaughter

80.09.10 Ocean of Doors

80.09.15 Hunting with the Duke - where he tests the parties abilities

80.09.24 The Crystal Abyss to recover the Red Duke's true form

80.09.26 Huge celebration as the Duke is made whole - he's a red dragon.  rewards

80.09.29 The Red Duke shares all the info he knows to try and set right the Daggerlands

80.09.30 Our Cutting Edge is contacted and info shared

80.09.31 Mayhemanti comes to his wife's side on the Daggerlands

80.10.03 Civar contacted - he knows a way to the flip side

80.10.07 The flipside of the Daggerlands

80.10.08 The last Slicelord, The Hollowman

80.10.09 Antheon's appeal to Fate - and the people of DarkFawn are returned

80.10.26 Wedding of Croninger and Ellie



81.01.32 parting the mist, The Burial Fountain

81.02.14 finding a Wax Lymrick

81.02.20 Finding the Cacoon

81.03.05 Finding the Magic UniversityLooting the Magic University

81.03.09 Through Master Tahir's house

81.04.15 Birth of Olin's daughters Almai and Vaylana

81.04.23 Shroud on the Beach

81.04.36 Swabashian arch

81.05.17 Jandari talks to Ormagon to make certain he is settaled on the Eldland

81.05.34 Moskau approached by another Stoneman to perhaps figurehead a revolution

81.06.18 Bar room brawl in Tisk - Scorpion centaur city

81.06.19 Lair of the Hybrid a scorpion centaur mage making abominations

81.06.22  Woola's sick - but Rick gets a cure

81.07.12 Chasing the Tar

81.07.27 Rashoni's reflects on his goals for his krish home

81.07.35 Oracle City of Dyce - sphinx and fortune teller's mecca

81.08.03 Cory gets to Earth to tell his folks he's alive

81.08.15 wax Lymrics learn of Tren's death

81.08.19 Police car appears near Al

81.08.21 Croninger crazy, Brimstone is collecting him

81.08.28 Word of real Lymrick found in Thark's myst - Volcano orcs

81.08.29 Real Lymrick returns to town

81.09.18 Thunder and Keemara talk over eggs

81.09.13 Gurth strikes Death to reawaken Twyl

81.10.01 Miracle Oasis of Afon-dre-adin - lost dragon/shinx/centaur 'hatchling'

81.10.16 Pied Pipper Stones in Desert

81.10.27 Olin's kingdom Great Dinner

81.10.40 Death un-makes the Pheonix

82.01.14 Leaf Souls

82.01.19 Hedgerows in Turangol - guarding the town

82.02.12 spirograph time machine - Farallon

82.03.12 ClanLord - looking to finish the clantrees in Turangol

82.03.15 Mayhemanti accepted as ClanLord of the Zintriny Clantree

82.03.24 Force of Metal - Metal - Force of Nature

82.03.25 Metal 'half baked' eggs on Sands

82.03.37 Thunder's remodeling effort really gears up

82.04.11 Croninger Opposite Day

82.04.38 Trouble on Tivalrea - Jandari sets a pary to investigate - Greenest

82.04.40 The Bandit's Camp - chasing the Cult of the Dragon

82.05.02  return to Bandit's camp - The Nursery

82.05.06 Riverside town, meet Paladin, head to Baldur's Gate

82.05.09 reached Baulder's Gate, talked to Jandari, passed eggs to him

82.05.11 Hired by Caravan - following the treasure trail of the Cult On the Road to Waterdeep

82.05.14 Balloon wagon shows up late, but joins the caravan

82.05.27 Blink dogs

82.05.28 Cultist recognize Kazan

82.05.33 Roadside Kracken

82.05.37 This mule is part Unicorn

82.06.01 Poison Oatmeal

82.06.05 Ghoul shrine

82.06.13 Whimsey pool

82.06.16 Reach Watersdeep

82.06.20 Roadhouse run my half orc

82.06.21 into swamp

82.06.22 Found Swamp Castle - a base of the Cult of the Dragon The Castle in the swamp

82.06.23 Hunting Lodge and Sky Castle

82.06.25 Found Flying Castle The Sky Castle

82.06.38 Shortcut

82.07.10 Dwarven Craftsmen taking the Sands

82.07.14 Craftsmen sneaking on the sands to touch the eggs

82.07.34 Hatching Part - two Black Dragons - from The Nursery

82.07.38 Redemption Lighthouse

82.07.40 Keemara buys dwarven heads to put on sticks to ward off trespassers

82.08.02 Keemara diss-allows herself from the hatching Grounds

82.08.07 United Isle sets up a remote broadcasting station to watch Hatching Grounds

82.08.14 Out of Shortcut

82.08.27 Hatching of the 'half-baked' eggs Hatching - part 2

82.09.16 Meeting in Waterdeep & on Farallon

82.09.20 DracoLitch!

82.09.32 Diderius's Crypt

82.09.33 Serpent Hills

82.10.09 Brimstone besieged by demons


83.01.01 Assassins at the Dock

Arpeg follows cultist to portal

83.01.03 Chasing Portal's to Hell

83.01.07 Finding the Well of Souls

83.01.09 plan of engagement

83.01.11 Well of Souls and Tiamat's Summoning


in Caldera 

Tiamat's temple - she eats a crow

Bug Out

83.01.12 Necropolis - planning

83.01.04 Swabashian Arch  Swabashian arch a

83.01.06 Chains and Blood story

83.01.17 Keemara vs Tiamat - both die

crows rescued from hell

Tiamat's soul bound in hell

Keemara's soul sent to Tiamat's heaven

Jandari finds out the angels have firm plans for Keemara- he can't raise her

83.01.37        Twyl has a dinner date with Keemara, Jandari and family (dragons too)

83.02.27         Twyl scores one more dinner night

83.04.13        IKAS

83.07.25        Poisoned well in Ire

83.07.38        Tyr is confirmed as a Paladin

83.08.11        Jandari explores why the grey elves are missing

83.09.13        Ragmag fey in Turangol

83.10.36        Scientific tagging of beasts in the Hurricane River

84.01.01        Lesser Lacewood spinning out of magic

84.01.17         Party of the Dragon Totem

84.02.02        White Grove in Lesser Lacewood to take prisoner

84.02.19        Zenobia offered a job at Dariss Clantree in Turangol

84.03.03        Eggs on the sands

84.03.07        Cider and the undead apple trees

84.03.19        Jandari has Ethyn try on his coat

84.03.25        Vastar's apprentice caught selling the Master's stuff.

84.04.06        Man with the Tattooed heart

84.04.11        Sphinx in the kobold tunnels

84.04.28         Tarnish teleports to Earth!  Allan finds her as a car

84.04.32        Olin has werewolf troubles

84.05.05        Robert called to Xinji Court - Master Metal wants to move his Swabashian arch

84.05.23        Armor, alive

84.05.27        Kane begins to track down his old Master

84.05.34        Hanging Ponds of Xinji

84.05.40        Tyr becomes a paladin of Tryan

84.06.02        Clanlords find Arctheon

84.06.18        Dortenzio finds his wine being made into Human wine

84.06.30        attempt on Gurth's life

84.06.32        Jandari raises Keemara from the dead

84.06.35        DragonIsle party - Swabash's crazy potion

84.07.07        Keemara sends party for Resurection fire for Thunder

84.07.08         Turangol find that Kel'Vari does not care for the Dragon Throne - yet still adventures for them

84.07.11        Olin's eldiest daughter is claimed by Eddie as hi kingdom is build on a graveyard

84.07.16        Rick finds that Woola is pregnant.

84.07.22        Mathwyn approached about his Gate Key and Thark's miasma

84.07.23        Pacentor points out there are no mages that stay on Alderly

84.07.28        The Door to The Awful Truth

84.07.29        The Angel of the Last Breath reports The Creator has joined Creation (God no more) 

84.08.11        Rescue Olin's daughter from Hence

84.09.13        Energy absorbing plants set in Thark's miasma

84.10.15        Why are there no Master Mages on Alderly

84.10.17        Alien stealing the feeling of home from Mages

84.10.32        Restore the missing whimsey button and forge magic


85.02.12  Splack's dinner theater

85.03.02        Xinji Swabashian arch

85.04.02  An abandonded Garbage Ship - to be returned

85.04.22  Fate wanted someone rescued from Prison

85.06.01  Planting of a Lacewood Ent in the old town of Thark

85.06.14  Kobolds eating the town's pets

85.06.36  City of White Apes

85.06.37  Goddess of Cold Ashes

85.07.33  Ben warns the dragon kobold tribe - people talking of killing them

85.08.10  Swabashian Arch

85.08.24  Lost Keemara

85.09.10  The Dragon Tribe culls their members

85.09.20  Robert becomes a Master

85.10.17  A lost appointed that Twyl can send people to seek

85.10.22  the place of light

85.10.23  The Hand-footed crows gain an egg

85.10.32  the place of Sound

85.10.37  the edge of eternities beginning

85.10.38  Highday's party at the Turangol Darris Clantree - Sathe

85.10.40  Sara finds that her faith in the creator and this creation can bring karma

86.01.01        Jandari and Sara talk of faith

86.01.03  Jandari and Sara talk to Rabon about Creator's kindness

86.01.07  Sara talks to Arpeg

86.01.10  Turangol Flower Concert

86.01.12  Master Vastar coughing up blood

86.01.16  lightning trees of the feywild

86.02.02  The Dragon tribe approach Keemara to be patron - must do 3 tasks

86.02.03  Mayhemanti learns that Vastar living with Twyl is affecting his health

86.02.30  Guttertang and the tribe of Kobolds

86.02.35  Cold ashes and an impact handprint

86.03.27  Dragon's oasis

86.03.29  The dragon of Oasis - corpse in the sand

86.03.31 dragon oasis home

86.03.29  Mayhemanti challenges Splack to a duel

86.04.12  monstrous garden of carnivorous plants

86.05.06  a Group of people's Lost Memories turns out to be a fresh chance

86.05.34  Vastar sends a party to retrieve a sword that should not be left alone

86.06.18  1,000 year bowl song to imprison a litch is ending, monks need to restart

86.06.25  the assassin's death leaves a garrote that steals someone's Fate needs recovering

86.09.13  Abracapothicary in Xinji

86.10.06  Chasing the Goddess of Cold Ashes in Cabar


87.01.17  The holy pool of Ancestral Crocodiles

87.02.19  Bullywug's Gelatinous Cube castle/armor

87.02.32  The Cathedral of Junk

87.03.17  Droom's Bog Gathering

87.03.33  Mage Imprisoned in old Phoenix nest well

87.04.01  Swabashian Dungeon 150 years party

87.04.25  Gurth's girl collector's horder trouble

87.04.39  Vastar goes to see Life about his coughing

87.05.04  Wolf Pack Vagrants and the Vampire

87.05.12  The Holy Swamp - trouble for Bordine

87.05.17  Vastar confronts the beholder

87.05.25  Fate tells Keemara the line of her Fate has been stolen

87.05.30  Kersara's mouse infestation

87.05.32  Arctheon returns home with a girlfriend

87.06.01  Paths of Creation

87.06.38  Swabash's Lost Baby

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