Albino half-elf Antheon is a Cleric/Thief who began his career looking out only for himself. He now is a Minion of Demiatris, and has changed his viewpoint from completely selfish and paranoid to one that is better able to work with others.


St. 14
Int. 13
Wis. 22
Dex. 20
Con. 14
Chr. 14

Lvl. 9/3 (Cleric/Thief)
HP 200
AC 29 (may need modification due to rules changes…)
Alignment: LN Worshiper of Nightmares

Antheon fights with a sword when needed. He has Bands of Boosting that aid his healing and other spell-throwing.


Born albino, Antheon has long white hair, a thin face caught between elf and human features, and red eyes. He usually wears a hooded cloak to shield him from bright sun.
Antheon’s mother was a Lady of Negotiable Affections, and a human. His father was an elf…clan unknown, name unknown.
Antheon grew up fending for himself most of the time, and joined the Thieves guild to learn the tricks of the trade. He came to religion rather late in life, trying to deal with conflicting emotions and morals. The Church of Nightmares promised to teach him how to learn from his frequent bad dreams and terrors, and to grow stronger. He learned, and became a cleric.

His first attempts to be a ‘team player’ when it came to going on adventures with others were difficult. He constantly had to fight his own instincts to keep from grabbing what he could for himself, and to try and help those who were keeping him alive.

Going on missions for Master Demiatris of the Magic University helped to eventually teach him that evil was not the way to progress in his personal and professional and spiritual life, and he eventually shifted to Neutral.