Colored Houses

Colored Houses of Tivalera

On the large continent of Tivalera there are a number of organized social and civic groups known as the Colored Houses. People collect together to form strong alliances to fight injustice, make a economic impact, have a stronger influence in local government, find community, and other reasons that people come together. Some groups feed the poor, or take care of elderly members.

The largest of these Colored Houses often have branches in several areas. This allows their members the ability to travel comfortably. Being able to learn something from one branch of the House and bring it to the use of other branches is useful. Banding together often allows for protection in times of persecution.

On the other hand, the Colored Houses can also be a lovely excuse for organized crime families. Depending on the trouble they might be railing against, the people within can easily turn to throwing around their collective muscle and making their own laws. Because some of the large Houses have branches in many places, there are times that one branch does not know what the other is doing.

Usually, the head of the Colored House is called ‘Grandfather’, with the other ruling members being ‘Fathers’. Under them are ‘Elder Brothers’ who have contributed to the House’s goals, and finally ‘Younger Brothers’ who are trying to prove themselves valuable. There is usually a Father of Rites – who conducts the initiations and understand festivals. A Stern Father – who disciplines the House.. There is often a Favorite Uncle who negotiates matters. There are other titles and jobs that vary. Not all the Fathers and Brothers are men, but the title sticks.

Most made members of a Colored House will wear the color.

There are several large Houses:

Indigo House
This house has ties with the Zintriny Elvin Clan, and are eager to continue and expand this relationship.

Crimson House
This house is more of a crime syndicate, preying upon merchants who do not ‘help out’ their members.

Golden House
This house was founded by religious men wanting to do good without the constraints and concerns of their churches hide-bound ways.

Verde House
This house has a ‘green movement’ kind of outlook, preserving the land will help the people.

Sienna House
This house has a mercantile outlook.