History of the Dragon Kings

The History of the Dragon Kings

Karrac (ruled 1st age, 1-9,547)

The first dragon king

   He instituted the stitching of the sky scar and made the world safe for life to continue. Founded civilization, saved the intelligent races and put them into an element where they could thrive. Gave magic into the hands of the biped races. Impressed to Jandari.

   Generally saved life and set the standard of intelligence and civilization.

   His death was due to assassination attributed to Ezeria the elvin queen wishes.

Zarrin (ruled 1st age 9,547 to 2nd age - 5, 914 years) .

   Saw his father's death and ruled during the time of the Betrayal of Dragons. Having been raised with a positive attitude toward the biped races; the Betrayal (people turning against dragon guardianship) took him hard. He could not regain a place in the hearts of the races and he could not side with the dragons wanted to turn against people.

   He found the Crystal of Reality that which split the universe and caused the Skyscar.  Not able to leave such a thing unguarded for the biped races (which did not trust his kind any longer) nor to the dragons (who either abused people's adoration or warred upon the races), he made special arrangements to be mummified to guard, perhaps forever, the secret.  Upon a greater wounding at the change of the age, Zarrin finally died in the 5th year of the new age and embarked on a hidden secret echo of life.

Brindley (ruled 2nd age 5 to 1,547 - 1,542 years)

   Grew up resentful of the biped races. The echo of the years of grace and glory he partially remembered - and could not recapture. Anger from the biped races was met with anger as well.

   Brindley encouraged the draconic race to 'take back' what was 'rightfully' theirs, and the active raiding, killing and treasure hoarding was established.

   He was killed by dwarves for his treasure

Janigantol (ruled 2nd age 1,547 to 2nd 3,000 - 1,453 years)

   Impressed to a cleric of the Creator named Sanic, the two had lived many long comfortable years together involved in god's work. The two of them helped make a small village into the ancient town of Trace. 

   Janigantol and Sanic were fairly un-prepared to have more interaction with dragons. The Dryad wars began over the rights of the land and the people living on it. Several members of Brindley's old court were good at persuading the pair to act in what sounded like a good course of action for the biped races and the city. In the violent wartime clashes, the adviser dragons convinced the pair that they should bring power to them. This brought treasure In easy reach of angry greedy dragons - who helped themselves - in the name of God and the First. 

   While they tried to set things right they could never re-capture the feeling of their glory years. Janigantol was killed by a crowd. Sanic went mad without his bondmate and was taken into the church to be cared for, till his death.

Sabbrakentas (ruled 2nd age 3,000 to 4,078 - 1,078 years)

   Sabbrakentas did not like people. Most of his interaction with them were awkward or nasty.  Biped peoples only wanted to kill him for the treasure he kept.

   He established a dragon place, and set up court for dragons by dragons. The only people allowed had to be with, and subservient to, a dragon.  People did make it to the court, for sport or food. The court became a place of machination, display, and sex. Most dragons were expected to fend for themselves, and if they came into greater power - they would be invited to court. Most of the dragons of the time, wanted to be seen at court - if only to improve their reputations and chances at  mating flights.

   The number of dragons expanded during this time. Most were uneducated and eager to make their mark on the world. Most did not live very long.

   Sabbrakentas was killed by three other dragons over mates.

Hustonallum (ruled 2nd age 4,078 to 3rd age 128 - 1,871 years)

   Hustonallum seized power firmly when it came to him. His father's court had displeased him as shallow, so he set about trying to make it a place of truer power. It took some house cleaning, and thus blood on the throne.

   He understood that with so many little dragons crawling through the world, that they would be in human places. Promise of a future meant the need to understand or work with the biped races. 

   Start of Age of Knowledge was embraced and nurtured by Hustonallum. He was willing to gain and share knowledge with the bipeds for the benefit of all.

   Unfortunately, once the knowledge was shown to the people, the people desired to have it as their own. He was killed, skinned and books were bound with his hyde.

Deraniacton (ruled 3rd age 128 to 2,197 - 2,069 years)

   Derani was a wanderer and an explorer. Her rider, Kanna, was a mage and struck by the wonders of the multiverse. The two of them left much of Darkfawn to it's own pace and lived alone. They would return from time-to-time, settle in some large town and partake of it's high life. Stories and information would be left In pieces here and there.

   Her death was due to getting into the wrong place at the wrong time.  Forces overwhelmed the pair, and they perished.

Taleena-Tava (ruled 3rd age 2197 to 7,045 - 4,849 years)

   Spent a number of years wandering with her mother.  In time, she returned to Darkfawn to make herself a home. There was a good amount of wisdom and experience that she had gained through her travels - but Taleena-Tava had a hard time overcomes the reputation of her peer group of dragons (who had degenerated down to killing and treasure hoarding).

   At first, she was determined to have her own space be happy – but the area grew in prestige ability and knowledge. She enjoyed finding out about her home's history and great years, and so explored and brought enlightenment to her area.

   She was considered a patron of the arts. She died of old age.

Medellin (ruled 3rd age 7,046 to 9,809 - 2,763 years) 

   Medellin inherited the office and set outdo make his mother's legacy long lasting. He continued her programs and followed her leadership.

   Strong and Intelligent he recognized the mean streak in his son early. Being that the title has always passed from First to First there seemed little Medellin could do. He banished his son from town/court when the First of the First began to openly be threatening - hoping that his son might learn harder lessons.

   Unfortunately,  he had a fascination with the muti-leveled machinations and turnings of biped lives. He enjoyed spending time concentrating on the people, their psychology and interplay. Many dragons began to worry that the First was too involved with bipeds. Some of the dragons sought out Nimbresantu to give their secret support.

   Medellin was killed by his son.

Nimbresantu (ruled 3rd age 9,809 to 4th 6,759 - 11,644 years)

   Killed his father, bringing his head back to court and hanging It upon the building the old First used to Interact with all the people. The people awoke to the dragon's kings death, and the city being surrounded by hungry dragonkin. Fear and screams brought in the first day of Nimbresantu's reign.  

   Nimbresantu was not a simple maniac. He understood that he should make his people happy, and for that, he needed gold and power. He set about a campaign to conquer the known world. The world closed by the sea's son at this time, but Nimbresantu had figured out this problem. He used the dragonturtle migration to move the war fronts along - to inciting and exotic sounding places.

   The Demon flood happened while he was First. He used the chance to rid himself of many of his rivals. The violence and gore the demons brought with them only provided the First with a common dangerous enemy to put the dragon race against. Dragons built themselves to the height of their battle abilities and techniques.

   The Breakdemon war saw much death across all the lines of material plane races, dragons and biped people alike. Nimbresantu took full advantage, and is said to have accumulated quite a lot of hoard at this time.

   It is also rumored that sometime during the Demonflood Nimbresantu made some pack to extend his life.

   As he aged, he grew less active, as he had a greater amount of treasure to guard. He grew suspicious and evermore distrustful.

  The army of his dragons had spread out even past the 'known world', and when the First turned his attention to his own hoard, the others also seemed pleased to settle where they were, hold what they had, and rule what they could.

   He was killed by phoenix (perhaps many - history is unclear) in a huge fight which lasted for days - splashing fire over huge parts of the continent

Vinamaru (ruled 4th age 6,759 to 8,759 - 2,000 years)

   The heir had to fight for her father's hoard. Once the word of Nirnbresantu's death spread fast, and many dragons and powerful forces showed up to try and claim all or part of the treasure. Much of the old First's weyr home was blasted into pieces - and treasure was spread to many hands.

   Vinamaru spent time re-gathering the rumored best parts of her father's treasure. A liberal Interpretation was used, and items that were never dragon-held, where collected under an umbrella claim. 

   Vinamaru was fairly old when coming into her title. Age got the best of her, and a strange aliment (possibly magical) began to cripple her.  Great treasure and ailment rumors brought several waves of dragonhunters. One group found a mostly dead dragon in the remnants of some huge explosion. Once they dispatched her, they theorized that some of the magic Items she collected didn't quite fit with each other.

Karatomy (ruled 4th age 8,759 to 10,486 - 1,727 years)

   Karatomy was bold, strong, beautiful and not very bright. She listened to a lot of people, made a lot of choices and then later undid them as fast as she could. For a number of years, whatever mate caught her helped to set her choices.

   Then, one mate - Tarasin - had an elvin rider by the name of Jevlyn (she was a Dariss elf). With the combination of brains and brawn that the impressed pair brought to the First, she functioned for the best concerns of her dragon people. She made some inroads to the elvin kingdom.

   Before much good could be done, the First was killed by people she mistook as companions of Jevlyn's Tarasin and Jevlyn took revenge and eventually moved on with their lives.

Reyhani (ruled 4th age 10,486 to 11,164 - 678 years)

   Young and head strong, this little girl was filled with ideas and plans.  

   There was a mating flight that turned bad. After her mother's mate having a lot of control over the dragon race many males thought that this was the way the world was run. Three males came away with fatal wounds. The lady managed, but her bones didn't set straight. 

   A war broke out between kingdoms with some fairly heavy magical power both sides. Reyhani had friends on one side, and the feeling of infinite power. She gave her life in order that hundreds of people could live.

Antalistrom (ruled 4th age 11,164 to 5th 873 - 1,876 years)

   This dragon First was very much a loner. She didn't like people, she didn't like dragons She inherited much of the hoard of her mother and seemed content. Much of her policy was a 'do whatever' kind of thing.

   Antalistrom was a mage, and spent a good amount of time researching and mastering dragon magic. While she did interact with some of the other mages of her time, she did so usually by telepathy or crystal ball.  

   Her death was through poisoning. Generally attributed to the great dragon hunter Mathew

Thunder (ruled 5th age 873 to 5,770 - 3,990 actual plus 907 lost) 

   Thunder came to power still fairly young. He saw that dragons had pretty much withdrawn to their own worlds and desires. He took time to learn a great amount of dragon history and world history. Coming to the conclusion that the world's people needed to interact with each other was fairly easy, so Thunder decided to try and ease into world's centers.

   Thunder set up a home in the dessert near east side of the Eldland. It was close to the port of Bereth (now near Far Flung) and he began to interact with the world. He bought into a shipping and merchant business and improved the success of the area.  

   He grew busy and his court urged him to produce an heir. Thunder wanted to mate for love, and have a family more in tune with the positive values he saw in the biped races. Eventfully, he found the love of his life; a green dragon named Laedalice. Trouble was, she had fertility problems due to old wounds that happened in the chaos of her own hatching. The pair lived in love for many years.  

   Laedalice finally conceived and grew heavy with eggs. Thunder brought the best clerics to help his mate - unfortunately, she died in the process of trying to lay the first egg. As their bond was so strong, Thunder felt his bondmate's death - he went mad. He gathered his lady in his arms and teleported. People across the land reported seeing the First, grieving and teleporting. Then, the sightings got confused, and the First seemed to be in many places at the same time - then the reports stopped. 

   Confused and suddenly without a hierarchical leader - the dragon race stood poised for a few years. Many of them believed that Thunder time-teleported, would receive the help he needed and would return In a blink of an eye. But as the years went, the race fell to bickering. 

   The dragon's leaderless years began In a time where many of them had ventured into biped areas to interact. The biped races took advantage of this and began killing and capturing the dragons that were close. 

   Some dragons took this with great anger, and reacted by killing and looting as they wanted. Many dragons tried to claim the throne. Fights broke out amid most everyone. 

   Rumors and sightings of Thunder surfaced. At first these reports made the dragons behaved, but since the First never returned, they quickly became un-important. Even the rumors that an egg had been seen with the First were discounted.  

   The old legend of 'The Dragon-Soul' surfaced - a leader that would save the dragon race from the edge of extinction. Many dragons looked for the Dragonsoul, and some went so far as to claim they were the Dragonsoul.

   During this time, Keemara was born. She was taken from her biped family at an early age by a simple green mother dragon who recognized' a powerful soul when she felt one. Raised as a dragon, Keemara grew into a young adult before she went in search of her heritage and fate.  She was stolen by slavers and sold in Candet There she found her place amongst the dragon domes (a place where dragons were fought for sport). She took down the domes (and most of the city and economic base of the area) and went in better search of the information and history. She was taken as apprentice by the mage, Thaylor, who also understood the power she held.

Brimstones (ruled 5th  5,770 to the 6th 61)

   Was hatched in the middle of no-where with no other clutchmates.  With six heads, and no one to care for him, he normally would have responded the hunger in one stomach and eaten himself to death.  Fate had smiled on the hatchling, and Keemara had found the egg abandoned and alone. She impressed and cared for Brimstones through his earliest days.

   The pair had no real knowledge of dragon history and custom, and went adventuring as they wanted. It wasn't until they actually had more contact with other dragons that they began to learn of their place.  Some dragons were suspicious, but others sensed the power In the pair and heard of their adventures.

   Finally, they encountered those of the blood that held parts of the dragon kingdom. They were tested and finally declared themselves First (several proofs were demanded and done). Blood was spilled. 

   Keemara and Brimstones set up a center for family and learning for dragons. They improved the bonds between the dragons and the biped races (although sometimes this was done harshly). Dragon hunters were hunted in return.

   Brimstones sacrificed his life when a chaos comet tore loose the skyscar.  His soul stitched the tear shut, and Keemara also sacrificed herself to save the multiverse – except Kathanados, the flock leader of the Phoenix's pulled the body of the Dragonsoul from the mass, burned life back into her and ejected her back into reality.  The Phoenix took her place in the miasma.  There two souls were mixed and Brimstones slipped into the afterlife (while the Phoenix was later raised back to the living).  Keemara, with the help of Jandari and returned Karrac, held on to her life's work and continues in life.

Opal (ruled 6th 61 to the 6th 76)

   Very young, Opal easily assumed the First Throne.  He appointed Karrac and Keemara to be his Regents and advisers.

Thunder (ruled 6th  to 76)

   Recovered from Tivalera and re-assumed the Dragon Throne.